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Will you be surprised if we tell you that Dubai isn’t just a business and adventure hotspot?

That it is also a place where romance not only thrives but is celebrated?

It’s very true, you know. The rules against PDA notwithstanding, Dubai’s beauty oozes romance.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

Imagine long romantic night-walks on Dubai’s beaches, checking out the splendid skyline. Consider enjoying a fabulous 4-course dinner under the stars and cruising the waters on a beautiful traditional vessel. You’ll be nodding your head sagely in a minute – Dubai is meant for romance!

A Dinner For Royals At The Burj Al Arab

Enjoy the ultimate culinary experience in none other than the incomparable Burj al Arab. There are several world-class restaurants and bars within the Burj Al Arab. Make a reservation in one of them, or enjoy high tea at one of the cafes in the Burj.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

The Culinary Flight is a fantastic restaurant at the Burj al Arab, located on the 27th floor. You’ll have to dress up fancy though – cool formal togs for men and formal gown for women.

Romantic Moments By Kite Beach

If you’re the adventuring kind and a day of surfing followed by a lovely walk on the beach at sunset is your ticket – well, go for it! Head over the Kite Beach, a one-stop destination for water sports, shopping, incredible food and relaxation.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

Want to try out a game of tennis or volleyball? Go ahead. Want to enjoy surfing, kite surfing, paragliding, banana boating and the rest? Go right ahead. Or just lounge back on towels, taking in exquisite close-up views of the incredible Burj Al Arab.

The best time to visit? Between March and May; avoid visiting over the weekends.

Celebrate The View From The Burj Khalifa

Feel on top of the whole world when you’re on the At The Top Observatory Deck on the 124-125th floors. If you want, add the SKY level at level 148 to increase your viewing pleasure. At the Top level, use one of the telescopes situated in various corners to focus on the landmarks you want to check out up close.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

No romantic trip to Dubai is complete without a visit to the Burj Khalifa – it’s simply a must-do!

Fun Day At A Water Park

Nothing says cool like tons of water cascading all over you in a city that burns as hot as Dubai. Spend the day with your honey, surrounded by water, screaming your way through some of the world’s greatest slides and rides. Spend a day at Aquaventure Waterpark, White Wadi Waterpark and Laguna Waterpark.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

All three themed waterparks offer innovative and slightly crazy rides and ensure endless fun. Laguna Waterpark has one of the best surfing wave simulators this world has seen.

A Walk Through Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah is a modern-day souq modelled on an ancient Arabian souq. The quaint shop-filled streets are laid out on both sides of an artificial canal. You can enjoy simply stunning views of The Burj Al Arab while browsing the boutique stores, the theatres, and the cafes and restaurants of Madinat Jumeirah.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

When you want to get to a shop or restaurant, you just hop into a traditional abra boat and navigate the canals till you get there. So cool!

Hot Air Balloon Romance

If your joy is the sunrise and not the sunset, why not sign up for a hot air balloon ride over the desert? Fly 3000 feet above the ground on top of the pristine desert in the golden hours of dawn. Experience the amazing sunrise from your balloon – you’ll feel so much closer to the horizon.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

Focus on the desert with your telephoto lens and catch sight of indigenous creatures such as camels, the Oryx, and gazelles roaming the desert.

A Date At Talise Spa

Combine luxury, romance and sheer self-indulgence in a treat par excellence – a spa date at Talisa Spa, Anantara Spa or others! Just hand yourself over to the soothing hands of the experienced masseuses, who’ll leach out the stiffness from your muscles with aromatic oils.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

Rejuvenate yourself at Talise’s snow rooms, massage rooms, and saunas. Enjoy special couples’ packages and even try some spa treatments on each other!

Romantic Rendezvous At Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is an extensive paradise with around a million flowers in full bloom. Hold hands with your lovey and stroll along the beautiful flowery pathways that flow underneath flowery arbors and arches in various shapes.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

Pose next to humungous displays of everyday objects and landmarks, made entirely out of flowering plants. There are a million opportunities for the perfect couple selfie in this garden, so go for it!

Dhow Dinner Cruise

Why not opt for a dhow dinner cruise on the Dubai Canal, the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina? You’ll get to enjoy a fantastic two hours of slow cruising, enjoy some of Dubai’s best landmarks along a vibrantly lit coastline. All the buildings in Dubai are lit up to the nines in flashing colorful LEDs, making for a fantastic view from the boat.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

In the air-conditioned comfort of the boat, enjoy a fabulous buffet dinner, plus cultural entertainment. There’ll be belly dancing, henna tattooing, Tanura dancing and plenty of shisha pipes to go around!

A Romantic Overnight Dubai Safari

Imagine a cozy night cuddled up together within a blanket in front of a roaring bonfire in the desert, starring up at the starry sky. An overnight desert safari Dubai is romance redefined. You’ll get to enjoy some great desert sports in the evening, including dune bashing and camel riding. Then you get to watch a scintillating desert sunset.

10 Most Romantic Places in Dubai - Scoutripper

After that comes in-tent entertainment – belly dancing, Tanura dancing, and henna tattooing. By then the smells of the food cooking get you going and you’re ready for the fabulous buffet feast that’s laid out for you. Then comes the sleeping under the stars adventure – and we don’t know of any couples who’d say no to that! The deep, rich dessert is one of the most romantic places in Dubai.


Be sure to visit Dubai during the cooler months so you can enjoy your romantic escapades all the more. It’s relatively cool from September to May, so book your trip then. Take your time to explore the city together and identify your own special ‘just us’ spots. Celebrate your romance in this wonderful city of a million views and lights.


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