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20 Most Dangerous Cities In The World – Scoutripper


Do you want to be trouble in an unknown place while having the best of your vacation?

No, Right!

Well, there are some cities which you should avoid while planning your next vacation & Take care of yourself while you are at the Most Dangerous Cities In The World. And we’ve combined a list of such cities for your ease:

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Teresina, Brazil

The murder rate in this city in Brazil’s north-eastern region, ticked up slightly from 37 murders per 10000 residents in 2017. This is one of the poorest city in the world. It is famous for its scenic national parks.

Durban, South Africa

The homicide rate in Durban ticked up in 2018 but the city’s ranking rose up from 47 to 44 in 2017 and exchanged places with Nelson Mandela Bay to become the country’s third most dangerous city.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

The residents of Guatemala City are experiencing lower rates of homicide as compared to 2017 when the rate hit a four-year high of 53.5 per 100000 residents.

Reynosa, Mexico

Reynosa is one of the biggest cities in Mexico, where Mexican anti-cartel operations successfully dismantled the Gulf and Zetas cartel. Unfortunately, this led to wars between emerging splinter groups that wipe out the state.

San Juan, USA

Struggling with the economic crisis in 2017, San Juan joined the list of most dangerous cities in the world. The homicide level declined but it continues to be in the list.

Recife, Brazil

Known for its dynamic culture and entertainment scene, this city is also dangerous as its homicide rate is 55 per 100000 residents.

Cali, Columbia

The city’s homicide rates fell down and no longer appear in the list but there is still danger in the city.

Maturin, Venezuela

Maturin is located in an oil rich region in eastern Venezuela. It has a strong murder rate which makes it enter into dangerous Cities’ list.


Baltimore, USA

Despite a small drop in the murder rate in 2018, Baltimore remains the second most dangerous U.S. city.


Kingston, Jamaica

Local organized crime drove the homicide rate in Jamaica’s capital city to a recent peak of 60 murders per 100000 residents.

ST. Louis, USA

St. Louis has been the murder capital of the USA since 2014. The current homicide rate in St. Louis is 61 murders per 100000 residents.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s legislative capital is also a consistent member of the most dangerous cities list. The murder rate increases last year.

Tijuana, Mexico

This is one of the most violent cities in Mexico. The homicide rate jumps up from 100 to 138 per 100000 in 2018.

Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco has racked up a higher body count over the years with the homicide rate between 104 and 113 murders per 100000 residents in each of the past six years.

Caracas, Venezuela

The homicides rate in Caracas is 100 murders per 100000 residents in 2018.

Natal, Brazil

This city has experienced a decline in homicide rate from 103 murders per 100000 residents in 2017 to 75 murders per 100000 residents in 2018.

Fortaleza, Brazil

The murder rate in this city in 2018 is 69 homicides per 100000 residents.

Belem, Brazil

The homicide rate is 65 murders per 100000 residents in Belem.

Cancun, Mexico

This popular tourist destination has more than doubled murder rate in 2018 than in 2017 as violence escalated.

Maceio, Brazil

This modern beachfront city rank as the fifth most dangerous city of Brazil, for two consecutive years.