5 Reasons You Must Trek In Ladakh At Least Once

Ladakh Temple View

Have you visited the ‘land of high passes’ yet?

Ladakh is that one place, in entire India, which a true trekker must visit at least for once. Those who have stepped on this very land of the high-altitude desert will surely come back again and again because of its bountiful natural beauty. It is guarded by the two mighty heroes of the World.

Geography- the Karakoram and the Great Himalaya ranges, which creates a mesmerizing natural beauty underneath the blue sky.

A true contrast of colours from nature can be witnessed here, when the greenery, surrounding the Indus River, touches the blue mountain ribbon.One can never forget the feeling of the cold breeze blowing from the mountains towards the river and the snowfall at the time of winter.

Leh is the capital of Ladakh, the highest plateau in Jammu & Kashmir, where every visitor arrives by road or air. It is no doubt also the prime trekking spot, so whenever you visit Ladakh make sure you start trekking from here.

5 Reasons You Must Trek In Ladakh At Least Once


 •      Unmatched Climatic Condition:
Ladakh has just the perfect climate for trekking because of the dry weather it offers. When it is raining from the month of June to September in the rest of India, visitors come to Ladakh to experience its beauty. Also, the temperature remains around 20 degrees C but if you are choosing to trek in high altitudes then the temperature will definitely vary especially at nights.

5 Reasons You Must Trek In Ladakh At Least Once


•      Warm Hospitality:

The best part of while trekking in Ladakh, is when you need to stay in the houses of the locals, to take some rest and start the journey again, as the people here, especially women are very welcoming in nature and will love to do have you as their guest.

The pride in their eyes and the love they share will stay memorable through your entire life.

5 Reasons You Must Trek In Ladakh At Least Once


•      Atypical Fauna of Ladakh
Ruminating local marmots are often seen on the hills of the Ladakh and photographing the flock of wild sheep and goats coming down the uneven slopes while grazing on the patches of grasses is a must.

The view of nimble ibex and Tibetan wild ass can also be enjoyed which you can rarely get in other parts of India. But if you are lucky enough then having a view of the endangered Tibetan antelope will complete your day.

In winters Ladakh will present you with the majestic view of the snow leopard and the luggage carrying Yaks are common affair here.In case, you are a bird lover then stay prepared for the sight of a hoopoe, Tibetan snowcock, lammergeier, golden eagle and other colourful birds.

5 Reasons You Must Trek In Ladakh At Least Once


•      Calm And Serene Monastery
When you look at the farthest corner of the mountain and see a monastery standing like a gravity defying statue, the feeling of calmness and serenity will imbibe in your heart instantly. It is the feeling of the closeness to nature’s purest form by which any negative feeling can be suppressed.

The monks of Ladakh are very welcoming too. Even getting an invitation to join their celebration can happen.

5 Reasons You Must Trek In Ladakh At Least Once


•      Multiple options to choose from:
The 5 days trek from Alchi to Lamayuru offers the sight of Indus valley and small heights.Whereas, the 6 to 8 days trip from Markha valley Circuit to Stok-Kangri massif is consists of high altitudes and topographies.

5 Reasons You Must Trek In Ladakh At Least Once

So, if you are thinking that I cannot do such tough trekking, then Ladakh will give you multiple options from where you can choose according to your ability.


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