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As an avid traveler, I believe Kolkata is one of the most versatile and cheapest cities in India. Therefore, one can absolutely complete your trip here within INR 10,000 at ease. When I started to live in the ‘The City of Joy’, I sensed that nothing beats the personality and warmth of Kolkata. One can notice that every corner of Kolkata displays an aura of rich heritage and tradition.

Whether it’s the colonial essence of the North Kolkata or the vibrancy of the South, they are worth your attention.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

So, if you are planning to visit Kolkata for a couple of days, you will have plenty of options in hand. Therefore, I have hand-picked some of the best and convenient places to visit in Kolkata. As per my experience, these places are super-easy to reach and form the essential part of the city’s tourism.

1. Victoria Memorial

Built in the memory of Queen Victoria by Lord Curzon, this White Marble beauty is a host to 20 lakhs visitors yearly. The memorial of the queen lies in the grounds of Maidan by the banks of Hoogly near Jawahar Lal Nehru Road. The best way to reach this place is to avail metro till maidan. This monument spreads over 57 acres of land and hosts more than 28,000 artefacts and paintings.

Hence, this is one of the best places to visit in Kolkata that reflects the essence of British-Raj.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Maidan

INR 30 for Indians and INR 200 for foreigners.

2. Howrah Bridge

The Kolkata sightseeing list never seems to be complete without the ancient Howrah Bridge. Having tons of deep and fascinating secrets, it is considered the ‘oldest and busiest’ places of Kolkata. The Howrah Bridge was built to connect the two major cities of Kolkata and Howrah. It is one of the best places to hang out with your friends and enjoy the cool breeze and its calmness. The all-lit bridge is a great view at night and a perfect place for photography.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Jagannath Road, Strand Road 1, Kolkata.

3. Tagore’s House

The ‘Jorashanko Thakur Bari’ is the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore and widely famous across the world. The former residence of India’s best literary personality is now a museum displaying his belongings, photo gallery, paintings and his literary works. Therefore, this place of sheer historical importance takes us back to the remnants of 1800s.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Girish park, Chittaranjan Avenue.

INR 10 per person and INR 5 for students.

4. Dakshineshwar Temple

One of the iconic philanthropists of 19th Century, Rani Rashmoni founded the Dakshineshwar Temple. So, this architectural masterpiece is one of the biggest temples of Goddess Kali comprising twelve shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva and Radha-Krishna. Hence, this place is a must-visit for all the pilgrims as its known to be one of the holiest places of the city.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Dakshineshwar, Kolkata

Free Entry

5. Park Street

Park Street is the absolute hub of exotic nightclubs and posh restaurants. Hence, it is famous for entertainment, restaurants and colonial mansions.This iconic street is the home to India’s first independent nightclubs traced back to the glorious 60s when karaoke, jazz and cabaret hit these venues. So, if you are a fan of amazing food and nightlife, then straightaway head to Park Street’s Mocambo, Trincas and Moulin Rouge for a rush of Euphoria.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Park Street

INR 2000-3000 for food and clubs.

6. Rabindra Sarovar Lake

Rabindra Sarovar is an artificial lake located in Southern Avenue, Kolkata. It is a perfect place to chill amidst cool shades on a summer afternoon. So, if you are a fan of peace and calmness, then this place is for you. Every morning, one can find numerous people jogging and exercising along the shores of this lake. Its sunrise and sunset spots are blissful. Hence, its a perfect spot of nature admirers.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Tollygunge, Golpark.

Free Entry.

7. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral is the largest cathedral of Kolkata showing the Gothic style of architecture. It is also the first Episcopal Church of Asia and closely related to Norwich Cathedral. So, if you admire Western architecture and the Catholic English art, then you must visit this Church in Maidan.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Maidan, Kolkata

Free Entry.

8. Sundarbans

Sundarban is located at a distance of 109km from the proper Kolkata and forms the world’s largest delta. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the home to our National animal – The Royal Bengal Tiger. It is also the largest tiger reserve and national park in India. Other than wildlife, the Sunderbans are a symbol of great natural beauty and the most amazing scenes. Hence, is is one of the favourite tourist spots of Kolkata.

8 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata - Scoutripper

Location : Sunderbans

INR 10 for entry.


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