8 Highest Observation Decks In The World


Each city has its unique cityscape views, for travelers, it is worth enjoying the cityscape of each city. One of the best ways to enjoy these views is to get to a point high above the ground, from where you can see the entire city or at least a large part of the city.

Here in this article, we’ve listed the world’s 8 highest observation decks which will leave you in awe.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is known as the world’s tallest building, standing high at 828 meters or 2717 feet. It offers both an outdoor observation deck and a sky deck, for people brave enough to look out from 1483 feet and 1821 feet. The view from there is not the only stunning experience you can have. Thrill-seekers can also enjoy stepping on a glass-inspired floor that cracks under your feet.

CN Tower: Toronto, Canada

The CN tower is the most celebrated and iconic feature of Toronto. It is the tallest structure in Canada and had been the tallest self-standing man-made structure before the completion of Burj Khalifa. It has many floors being used as observation decks and restaurants. Visitors can also have access to walk around the edge of the roof and lean forward over the edge at the height of 356 meters high with a safety harness tied.

Aurland Lookout: Norway

This wooden platform, 14 feet wide, is not for the weak of heart. Before plunging down, the Aurland Lookout structure juts out over the west of Norway. Fortunately, for security, there’s glass panel in place and it does not take away from the breath-taking view.

Sky Tower: Auckland, New Zealand

Sky tower has more than one way to enjoy the amazing views. There are base-jumping and a walk on the edge of the pergola for dare-devils. You can head to level 60 if you want to experience a chilling and gorgeous view behind the glass.

Canton Tower: Guangzhou, China

Canton tower is 1969 foot tall. You can experience the walk around the longest spiral staircase in the world. It lies at the south bank of the Pearl River, facing Haixinsha Island to the north. Canton Tower is the world’s third-highest tower.

Shanghai Tower: Shanghai, China

Shanghai Tower has 127 floors above and 5 floors below the ground. A Shanghai tower visit would not be completed unless a climb to the ‘top of Shanghai observatory’ is done. The exterior of the building spirals upward like a snake.

Grand Canyon Skywalk: Peach Springs, Arizona

The Skywalk at Eagle point provides a beautiful view of the Grand Canyon West. The days of standing at the edge of the Canyon are long gone.

The Empire State Building: New York

The Empire State building’s main deck, on the 86th floor, offers the views of Central Park, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty, among others. People can go to the top deck on the 102nd floor. The building might not be a hidden gem, but still, it’s breathtaking.