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Close your eyes and think of yourself lying in the nice warm sand beside of the ocean. You hear the waves crashing against the coast as everything on your mind just slowly disappears. It just simply doesn’t get better than that.


Sea lovers know what the importance of the beach is. Its beauty can be divided into many parts and its beauty changes with the daytime. So here we know some of the unknown information about Beach, let’s get started.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

Sunrise Beach

Sunrise is a natural beauty and if it is at the beach then it becomes source of debonair. At first, there appears to be a tiny ball at the horizon. It slowly comes out of the shadow of clouds, increasing in size. You just look at it. The cooing and chirping of birds constitute the background score. The waves of three seas kiss the land gently and you want to be kissed too.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

You proceed further into the sea and leave your senses to nature and you concentrate on the sky. The fruit you are longing for is beginning to get ripe and turns into a golden color. The warmth of the rays emitting from it makes your body go crazy. Goosebumps get on you and you forget everything for a moment.

Sunset Beach

Peace-Serenity-Contentment, A mixture of all of these creates the unmatched feeling that overwhelms me when I’m at the beach, watching the constant ebb of the waves. It’s only me on the beach, allowing me to enjoy the sunset, undisturbed. The sun, a fiery orb, looks like it’s gradually receding into the waters below. The sky consists of an assortment of shades, a blend of reds, oranges and yellows. The waters below mirror this effect.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

The waves are tinted vermilion, with underlying streaks of blue that clash with it. The sand below my feet is the same color, making me feel like a firewalker – daring and bold. The contrast created between the dark waters and the luminous sky makes the horizon look like a meeting of two worlds – the known and the unknown. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, and I’m speechless as I stand before this magnificent sight.

World 5 Most Beautiful Beaches

1. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Although one of the most popular beaches on the island, Horseshoe Bay has a hidden secret: Port Royal Cove, which has shallow water perfect for young kids and dramatic rock formations that complement wonderfully soft, pink sand. Nearby Spice lands Equestrian Centre even offers trail rides down to the private cove, which is located in part of South Shore Park in Southampton Parish.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

2. Harbour Island, Bahamas

Located off the northeast coast of Eleuthera Island and away from the buzz of other Bahamian beaches, families and couples alike can spend the day on pink sands only seeing a handful of other people. After basking in the sun and getting serenaded by the breeze rustling through the palm trees, visitors can pop into the town to roam down quaint Dunmore Street, dine on the fresh catch of the day at The Landing, and grab a sunset cocktail at Beyond the Reef.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

3. Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

There are a reason stars like Bruce Willis and Donna Karan built their vacation homes here: This 1,000-acre private island is only accessible by a 35-minute boat ride from Providenciales, and is home to one luxury resort—see below—and a few private villas. Yes, your entire vacation could be spent without seeing another soul.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

4. Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

This beach in Waipio Valley is one of the hardest to get to in Hawaii—you must hike or drive down a treacherously narrow, steep road to reach your destination. But it’s well worth the trek: At the bottom, you’re rewarded with a mile-long black volcanic sand beach bordered by 2,000-foot cliff walls and backed by thick rainforest. If that weren’t scenic enough, the Kaluahine and Waiulili waterfalls cut into the cliffs at the south end of the beach, and are accessible via a boulder-strewn trail along the surf.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

5. Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI

Undeniably one of the most photographed beaches in the Caribbean, if not the world, Trunk Bay sits in the northwestern corner of the Virgin Islands National Park (it was donated to the park service by Laurence S. Rockefeller more than 50 years ago). Calm, clear water and a 225-yard-long Underwater Trail for superb snorkeling are big draws, as are hiking trails up and into the surrounding greenery filled with the ruins of historic sugar cane plantations.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper


Top 3 Beaches In India

1. Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are among the most beautiful places you can visit on this planet. With such a resplendent reputation, it is natural to see thousands of tourists and travelers making their way to the enchanting islands every year. A prime part of their charm comes from the famous beaches that grace the Andaman coastline. Here’s a rundown of the best beaches you can find in and around Port Blair.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

2. Goa Beach

The multitude of beaches in Goa offers something for everyone, from luxury resorts to makeshift huts, and trance parties to tranquillity. The beach that’s right for you will depend on the kind of experience you want to have. Some names of the beaches are Agonda, Baga and Calangute, Candolim and Sinquerim, etc.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

3. Digha Sea Beach

Digha located 183.2 kilometers away from Kolkata. The beach is famous all over Bengal. From Kolkata there is not only a train, bus service, car service are also available. If you talk about the time, it takes about three and a half hours on the train and the bus takes about three hours to the destination of Digha.

Mixture Of Water And Soil Beauty: Beach - Scoutripper

There are mainly five seasons in Digha, namely summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. Summer starts in April and continues until June with a maximum temperature of 37 °C (99 °F). Although cold wind from the sea keeps the weather pleasant in this time. Next comes monsoon in July and lasts till the end of September. Digha generally experiences an average rainfall with high humidity in the monsoon season. Autumn sets in October and lasts till mid of December with an average temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius.



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