A Peek Into The Islands Of Micronesia: Part-3


Micronesia, the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean offers so many places to travel that it might be confusing where to start first. Some of the locations and island territories are close by and can be visited together. While some fall under the US territory and can be a little distant from the others. The visa requirements for each location may also be different based on the location.


The Northern Mariana Islands 

The Northern Mariana Islands are a US commonwealth which consist of chain of 14 islands. The islands are popular for its scenic beauty, beaches, caves and mountains. Historically, the island played an important role in the World War 2. Hence, many shipwreck are found around the coast and the bottom of the ocean floor. 


Saipan: The capital of the Islands

Saipan is the largest and most developed of the Northern Mariana Islands. It is famous for its golden beaches, mountains and golf courses. The place draws everyone’s attention because of the diving and snorkeling activities. The beaches stimulate an excellent tranquilizing effect. 


Managaha Island

The Managaha Island is one of the famous destination of Saipan. The place is reputed for the scuba diving and snorkeling. You can experience a vast aquatic culture while snorkeling in its water.


Mount Tapochau

Mount Tapochau is the highest point of Saipan island. The mountain is located in the center of the island and offers a good trekking opportunity and sight seeing from the top of the mountain.


Suicide Cliff

The suicide cliff is a historic site. It is known and named as thousands of Japanese ended their life from this cliff in order to avoid the capture by US during the second World War.


Obyan Beach

Obyan Beach is a calm place where you can enjoy spending your day at the beach and boating. Exploring the caves is also one of the activity you can carry out here. The bunkers and latte stones should also be considered to have a look around.



Tinian is a tiny island near Saipan. The place has beautiful and secluded beaches which offers a pristine atmosphere. Tinian is also known for the World War II landmarks and world class scuba diving experience. 


Some of the places to visit around Tinian are:

San Jose 


House of Taga: It is an archeological site near San Jose


Taga Beach



Rota is known as “Nature’s Treasure Island” or “The Friendly Island”. It is a remote island in the Northern Mariana Island. Visitors carry out activities like snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, boating and many others. Swimming Hole, which is a hidden pool on the island attracts many tourists. Places to visit in Rota are:


Shoun Maru: It is popular for the World War II wrecks.


Blue Hole


The Grotto


The Rota Latte Stone Quarry


Songsong Village

There are many other places on the Northern Mariana Islands which you can visit during your trip. The Forbidden Island is a good location with an amazing view and a bird sanctuary. The Marianas Trench Marine National Monument is also a popular destination. You can visit the Flame Tree Arts Festival which is a four-day fest on Saipan that celebrates and showcases the North Mariana’s culture.


So, the North Mariana Islands is an another experience of its own kind…


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