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Avoid These Eating Habits During Monsoon – Scoutripper


The pleasant climate with occasional showers will make you crave some delicious food products. You may feel the warm, moist days are gone now and it’s time to enjoy some amazing and yummy food. With your evening cup of tea, you might want a plate full of fried snacks and wouldn’t mind binging on some street food.

Unfortunately, that’s far from reality. Monsoon isn’t a hearty meal season. It’s a season full of illness and infections. Eating healthy and staying away from outside food is essential. Roadside food or low-hygiene food can hamper your health.

So, you should avoid these Eating Habits During Monsoon before you set off on a long drive to that cozy, dark cafe that serves chai and snacks just the way you like them.

Leafy Vegetables:

You probably believe I’m likely insane to tell you to stop eating healthy things! But green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, etc grow in the mud. Washing this dust off the leaves can be a challenge in this rainy season, and often germs stay on them, leading to stomach infections.

Fruit Juices From Roadside Vendors:

You might think fresh fruits and their juices are healthy to have but they are a strict no as vendors have cut the fruits in advance, which could have come in contact with contaminated air. It is necessary to avoid any fresh food products that have had long exposure to the monsoon air.

Sea Food

During the rainy season, seafood should be prevented. The reason being, for fish and other types of ocean animals, monsoon is the breeding season. Fishes contain eggs inside their bodies that can cause stomach infection or serious food poisoning when consumed.

Fried Food

It is advisable to avoid fried food throughout the year, but during monsoon, the highly humid weather causes the digestive system to slow down. Though fried food is something which everyone craves for in rainy season, it could lead to gastronomic problems like stomach upset or bloating.

Fizzy Drinks

Frizzy beverages decrease your body’s minerals and thus decrease the activity of enzymes that can weaken your digestive system. So keep a bottle of water or homemade “Nimbu Paani” in your bag instead of reaching for a coke, and maybe tea bags for a hot drink?

So these are the food items which are big NO-NO during the monsoon season.

Eat Healthily! Stay Healthy!