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Be grateful in your life that you never give up on your dreams, enthusiasm, passion everything you want to achieve in your life comes after your god will power.

I often think, how great life would be if things were working my way, how amazing it would be to have unlimited success, happiness, and love? Wouldn’t that be an amazing life?! I’ve spent a great proportion of my life focusing on all that I never had and all that others did.

Never give up

After years of thinking in this manner, I soon realized why I wasn’t very happy in life. It was because I didn’t show enough gratitude for all that I had and for all that I have.

Feeling Envious Is Very Natural

It’s very natural to feel envious of others. But many a time we obsess and compare ourselves and our possessions with what others have. We feel like we will never have enough to be happy. But what we end up forgetting is that we actually have a lot in life, more than others. Rather than rejoicing the good times in our lives, we often fixate on all the things that bring us down and this my friends is something that we need to stop.

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Being grateful should be an essential part of our life. It helps us realize all that we have overcome in our lives to reach this point. It helps us own our story, however good and however bad and it helps us be proud of it. If you think of it, there are so many things we should be appreciative for in our lives.

Show Gratitude Towards Family & Friends

Start by being grateful that you exist in this world, at this particular point in time. Be happy that you weren’t born in another era where there was war. Be grateful that you are alive. Be grateful for your family and friends, even though they may seem to annoy the life out of you. These are the people who you will probably run back to whenever you find yourself going through tough times.

4 Steps To Be Grateful That You Never Give Up - Scoutripper

Be grateful that despite however you are- annoying, mean, rude, nice, your friends and family still accept you and welcome you with open arms.

Appreciate All That You Have Survived

Be nice to everyone and every living thing around you. You may be going through a rough patch yourself, but hey, someone else may be going through much worse. Show gratitude for all your tough times, because it is these times, these scars that have built you and brought you standing tall to this point in life.

So be thankful for all those mistakes and errors you have committed in life. They may seem like mistakes then, but when you look back, I’m pretty sure they would seem like life lessons you learned.

4 Steps To Be Grateful That You Never Give Up - Scoutripper

Be Grateful That You Never Give Up

Lastly, if you think you’re going through hell, all I want to say to you is- keep going. You may think that you won’t make it, but you will. You may think that the world will consume you one day by all the sadness and loss, but you will survive it. Learn to appreciate the downfalls in life, because these are the things that will only make you stand up stronger.

4 Steps To Be Grateful That You Never Give Up - Scoutripper

So, if things aren’t going as planned right now in your life, appreciate that moment and have faith that it will pass. And when it does, always remember to be grateful that you believed in yourself and pushed through those tough times.


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