Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!


Malaria is the worst, after all it is one of the most life-threatening infections in the world. This article is meant to inform you about malaria and how to prevent it while traveling, but do note that it is best that you also visit your doctor with this information as he/she can help you better prepare for your trip.

Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!

How Is Malaria Spread?

Malaria is caused by four parasite species. It is an infection passed on from female mosquitos after they bite you. When feeding on human blood, the parasite passes from mosquito to humans through the blood stream and attacks the human body, causing fever, chills, body ache and headaches.

Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!

Where Is Malaria Prevalent?

Malaria is predominant in areas which have warmer climates such as tropical and sub-tropical regions. The risks are higher in areas where mosquitos thrive, especially in areas with stagnating water. Over the years the infection has been responsible for over 300 million cases of malarial infections. In addition to this startling information, according to UNICEF, 1200 children die each year due to malaria.

Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!

Travellers are at risk when they travel to malaria prone areas like South Asia and South America. This is because they have no or less immunity towards malaria than locals. This is why it is important for one to protect himself/herself while traveling from this deadly infection.

Chinese Whispers and Malaria

While traveling, we are bound to meet fellow tourists and back packers. We may even have several friends who would have visited a tropical country before us. Our friends may reassure us that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to malaria and that it is perfectly fine to travel to countries where you can catch malaria.

Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!

However, please note that malaria is no joke. Each of us are immune to different things at different intensities. While your friend may have averted being infected with malaria, it doesn’t mean that you will avert it as well. Hence it is necessary for you to learn more about the infection and take necessary precautions.


There are two important steps in taking precaution (i) education and (ii) preparation.

Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!


The first step towards preventing malaria while you travel, is to know more about the infection. Spend a little time reading online about what it is, how it spreads, how to prepare yourself better. It is helpful to read a few blogs by your favourite travelers as well to understand how they deal with and prepare themselves. Then meet with your doctor. This is extremely important because only a doctor can tell you how to take the necessary precautions.

Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!

Don’t go listening to your uncle Fred who told you he didn’t take any anti-malarials and dived right in to his travels! Talk to your doctor openly about where you are going, how you plan to travel, what you should pack, etc, etc.

Be prepared! Be prepared! Be prepared!

Prevention is always better than cure! Remember this old saying? Take your anti-malarial medicines beforehand or with you on your trip. Carry paracetamol and a thermometer with you in your medical kit. Keep the number of your doctor with you at all times.

Be Wary Of Those Mosquitos While Traveling!

While you may think that these are all a little too much work, remember that when the time comes, you won’t have to run around getting things in order because you already are prepared.


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