Believe It Or Not – This Pink River Is For Real!

Welcome to the Cameron Falls National Park in Waterton Lakes, where you see the river turning pink if you’re fortunate enough.

If we tell you there’s a pink river in Canada, you might believe we are bluffing. No, your eyes don’t play tricks on you and No, it is not photoshopped. What looks like a candyfloss deluge is a Canadian river! The Cameron Falls’ crystal blue water sometimes turns bright bubble-gum pink in seconds. No, River’s don’t blush, but you have to be in the perfect location to witness this ethereal beauty. Pink river in Canada exists on this planet.

This dreamlike phenomenon is a feast for hungry eyes, particularly when you see just in front of you such an unusual thing, water changing color, merely unbelievable.

Shot of this wonder are quite rare- after all, conditions have to be just right for the falls to turn pink river. If you really wish to experience this pastel miracle, then visit during the rainy season and try watching the falls after the heavy downpour. On normal dry days, the waterfall looks stunning but it gets magical during monsoon, as mentioned above. The entire view resembles a scene out of a fairy tale, incredible pretty!

However, nothing can be guaranteed and promised, just try your luck!