6 Best Scenic Highways Of India For a Road Trip

Best Scenic Highways Of India

Though many of the people out there consider best scenic highways of india for riding the bike unsafe and for others, it appears to be something that they are passionate about. In general term, all those who love bike riding are found to be more curious to have a long road trip on their favorite bikes. We can even say that bikers tend to have more of the road trips as compared to that of other.

Though for many of the college students, riding a bike is the most preferred mode to commute, but they even opt it to experience the same as well.

The amazing experience of drifting on the vacant highway along with the varied sights crossing various states is mesmerizing in itself. People tend to just fall in love with the sound of the bike peregrinating along with the air blowing on the face.

The government does also take steps to maintain the roads such that these bikers can take the maximum of the adventure for their passion. In this article, we will talk about the 6 Best Scenic Highways Of India that every biker is sure to have on his list to have a ride.

6 Best Scenic Highways Of India

Jaipur to Jaisalmer Highway

Best Scenic Highways Of India

Many of the passionate bikers are curious to have a ride over the highway connecting Jaipur to Jaisalmer, as it is among the toughest of the rides in India. The difficulty persists because of its immensely extreme weather conditions, so it is always recommendable to pack yourself such that you will remain protected from the extreme weather.

In order to facilitate the travelers, all the roads are trailed throughout. Also, while traveling through this highway, one will get a chance to be at Jodhpur in the way; therefore, you will be covering three major cities at one trip.

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The total distance from Jaipur to Jaisalmer is about 560 Kilometers and the best time to visit appears to the months of October to March. The reason is that there will be a pleasant weather in these months and one can enjoy being in these cities as well as their drive.

Chennai to Pondicherry Highway

6 Best Scenic Highways Of India For a Road Trip

Have you ever thought as to how it feels like to drive on the entirely empty roads and the skies being cleared along? The highway from Chennai to Pondicherry is such an amazing experience that you will just fall in love with the calm sea and your driving experience. It is altogether a three hours straight ride. And even after enjoying your amazing bike ride and after reaching Pondicherry, there are many of the amazing beaches that are waiting for you to hang out.

Therefore, we can say that the fun is not just limited to bike ride, as there are many other things that wait for you in the cities. However, nothing is more than the riding experience that this amazing highway provides.

Also, the distance is not a huge one, as it is just about 160 Kilometers from Chennai to Pondicherry. Again due to the extreme weather conditions, the best time to plan your trip is the months of September to March.

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Puri to Konark Highway

Best Scenic Highways Of India

Puri is a small town that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Starting with the amazing itineraries of this small town of Puri, bikers will move towards the iconic Sun Temple of Kona including everything in between. It is just a matter of 36 kilometers drive offering the amazing scenic beauty, hence this highways is the preferred one for all the nature lover bikers.

The constant sight of the Indian Ocean is the center of attraction of this road trip. Again, the best time span to plan your trip is in between the months of September to March.

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley Highway

6 Best Scenic Highways Of India For a Road Trip

Araku Valley is among the most amazing hill station as well as a valley region located in the southeastern region of Andhra Pradesh. This place has a lot to offer to its visitors including various mesmerizing sights varying from waterfalls to caves. The primary reason that many of the passionate bikers prefer to plan a trip through this highway is that the roads are quite curvy along with being exalted almost after every few kilometers. This highway not only takes you away from the humid weather of

Vishakhapatnam to chillyAraku valley but also enhances your overall biking experience.

Also, it is not too much of the distance to be covered and everything is just within the era of 116 Kilometers to be covered. Best Time to Visit – October and March.

Guwahati to Tawang Highway

6 Best Scenic Highways Of India For a Road Trip

Guwahati and Tawang are considered to be the most famous as well as popular destinations while sledding towards the North East of India. It is just 520 kilometers drive that is enriched with a lot many itineraries to be offered to its guests. Though the roads might get a bit changing to drive at some point in time I guess that is what makes any ride an adventurous one.

The best time plan a visit to these cities is time span in between March to October, as that will be the time when you will be surrounded with the mountains that are being covered with lush green trees on both the sides.

Manali to Leh- Ladakh Highway

6 Best Scenic Highways Of India For a Road Trip

The last but obviously not the least to be mentioned on this list is the iconic highway of Manali to Leh. Again, this highway is among the toughest as well as challenging one India, however, this stretch is still probably the most beautiful one to be listed on this list. The accompanied roads enriched with the heavy snow bushy mountains and are also having the varied width.

The center of attraction of this amazingly awesome ride is the ultimate sight of the Pangong Tso Lake. It is just 479 Kilometers drive from Manali to Leh and within this limited area, you will have a lot to explore and experience. Also, the best Time to Visit this amazing places is in between summers to Mid-October.

After going through this post, we are quite sure that you must be thinking about giving a try to at least one of the all once. However, prior proceedings further, please note that there are two very important things that you need to prepare yourself. Firstly, please be prepared for daring the fear of long driving hours that might aid to tremendous backbreaking. Secondly, you will be necessarily required to have a bike that eliminates the chances of breaking your back and runs smoothly.

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Though the first aspect is entirely dependent upon your instinct, however, when it turns to be about the bike, Suzuki has recently launched its latest 150 CC cruiser that is the most suitable one for the long drives. The Suzuki Intruder is a perfect combination of comfort and style that is being equipped with amazingly style headlamps that appear to be quite helpful for you see till far.



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