6 Best Street Food In Delhi

Best Street Food In Delhi

Delhi is undoubted, sheer heaven for all the food lovers. The essence of North Indian dishes combined with the tinge of western cuisines is what sums of Best Street Food In Delhi. During my street hopping in Delhi, the best thing I discovered was that with every passing colony, the color and taste changes magically.

Best Street Food In Delhi

Here lies the true spirit of Best Street Food In Delhi. Any cuisine, be it international or native, you just have to name it. Hence, this very much proves the insatiable appetite of Delhites who love the unlimited variety of food here.

So, here I’m going to list the top 6 Best Delhi Street Food you must try, the ones that totally did wonders for my tastebuds.

Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Chache Di Hatti of Kamla Nagar is located right at the heart of the North Campus of Delhi University. They are famous all over Delhi and its surroundings for their mouth-watering Chole Bhature plates. This platter is one of the best Chole Bhature I have ever tasted in my entire life. It will readily melt in your mouth the moment you gulp it. Not to mention, this famous street food on wheels can totally defeat any classy restaurant with its unbeatable dish.

Best Street Food In Delhi

While speaking to the owner, I got to know that this man sells 200 plates of Chole Bhature approx per day. Can you imagine the wild popularity of this corner? Well, you do have to wait, sometimes as long as an hour, to finally get the first bite of this lip-smacking treat. After, the longer you wait, the better you get.

Prince Paan, Greater Kailash & Gurgaon

The rightful essence of tradition is what gives rise to this widely popular Paan Ghar – Prince Paan. And it’s like a cherry on the top when a tinge of modern taste is mixed with it. If you are a foodie and a traveler, look no further because this place is where your heart belongs to. They serve a vast assortment of Paan flavors like Butterscotch Paan, Strawberry Paan, and even Paan ki Chaat.

Best Street Food In Delhi

While standing in the queue, I learned that they serve Gol Gappe with Mineral water. At first, this was unbelievable to m. After all, since childhood, we only learned about how golgappes are the ultimate manifestation of unhealthy and unhygienic food. But, when I watched them open the seal of mineral water, I was surprised in a good way. So, if you have an eccentric flair for cleanliness, then you are standing in the right place.

Atul Chaat, Rajouri Garden

All the potato lovers, look no further because this corner is solely yours to grasp. You will find this amazing Chatwala at the lanes of Rajouri Garden Market, the popular street food landmark for Delhites. Believe me or not, they can do wonders to potatoes and present the best of Aloo Chats to their customers.

Best Street Food In Delhi

While the most popular treats are the aloo chaat and the Tikki, it is the golgappas and their giant size that has every chaat lover go crazy about. Hit this sober and popular aloo chat corner to have the best Tikki’s at amazing prices.

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Roshan Ki Kulfi, Karol Bagh

Kulfis are everyone’s favorite irrespective of their age. If you need something to beat the scorching heat of Delhi, then it’s the ravishing Kulfi Of Roshan that eases your body. While you are shopping at the busy streets of Karol Bagh, don’t miss out the relieving bite of Kulfi here. The kulfi-faluda here is a sheer elixir for people in this heat.

Best Street Food In Delhi

Also, if you are visiting here in the evening, you can also try its Maharaja Lassi and chole bhature that are equally amazing.

Spice Aangan, SDA Market

A very popular Afghani Dish that has gained quite a momentum in Delhi is the Shawarma. Spice Aangan is the ultimate haven for all the meat lovers of Delhi. With service faster than wind and unbeatable quality, Spice Aangan of SDA market serves the best Shawarmas in the city. While trying them, I could actually feel the smoky hot meat melting into my mouth.

Best Street Food In Delhi

My tastebuds absorbed the incredible taste of mayonnaise and green chutney wrapped up in the insides of the tortilla. The oozing juices and multi flavors of one single dish just won my heart. So, I being a staunch meat lover would recommend this place definitely to all the tourists. So, fulfill your shawarma cravings and relish the wild taste of meat that melts down your mouth the moment you start.

QD Momos, Hudson Lane

These super spicy boiled dumplings have made their way right from North East to the heart of India in Delhi. QD Restaurant’s wildly popular momos are not only amazing to taste but also takes care of pocket pinch. They serve a vast array of momo flavors like cheese momo, paneer momo, smoky momo, and even chocolate momos.

Best Street Food In Delhi

So, if you are walking along the streets of North Campus, stop to taste these readily available, cheap momos.


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