6 Best Street Food In Kolkata – West Bengal

Best Street Food In Kolkata

Best Street Food In Kolkata it is a beautiful place situated in West Bengal. This place is known for its beautiful monuments and temples. Other than this, there is a lot to explore in this destination. One of all is food. For the food lovers, Kolkata is an ultimate delight. Given below are some places which you must visit to taste the most scrumptious food.

OH! Kolkata

For the people who want a fine-dining ambiance, then Oh! Kolkata is the place for you. It is an amazing place where you can dwell into Bengali world and try the famous cuisines of their particular culture. The smoked boneless Hilsa and smoked Bhakti is the best dish to taste. This dish is marinated with mustard paste and green chilies then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. After finishing your meal don’t forget to try the famous Bengali sweets such as Mishit Doi and home-made Date Palm Jaggery Ice Cream.

Know about these best street food in kolkata which are totally for food lovers:

Best Street Food In Kolkata

Arsalan Restaurant

This restaurant is famous in Kolkata for it authentic Mughlai cuisine. The food served here has a great influence on Persian culture. For the people who want to try Biryani then this place is your ultimate destination. From Mutton Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani to Chicken Biryani and more, you can taste all here. Don’t forget of grabbing your hands on the kebabs served there.

Best Street Food In Kolkata

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Nizam’s which knowns as the inventor of the famous Kathi roll comes from Kolkata. It is a must try the dish at this place. The Kathi Roll’s served by Nizam’sKathi are truly amazing. They serve paratha packed with fried egg, spicy meats, onions, and chilis, all of which is rolled up and served as a burrito. This is soft and delicious which you must try.

Best Street Food In Kolkata

Bhim Chandra Nag

For the people who crave for confectionaries and desserts, must opt for this place. The dishes served here are made with sweetened Chhena or Curdled Milk. From Roshgolla to the Shondesh, all the sweets are a must try.

6 Best Street Food In Kolkata - West Bengal

Ballygunge Place

6 Ballygunge Place is another one on the list like Oh! Kolkata which is in the best places known for the authentic Bengali cuisine. It is situated in a 100-year-old bungalow which is decorated with old pictures of Kolkata. For a multi-course Bengali meal, this place is the best source. Some of the famous dishes are Kasha Mangsho, a traditional Bengali spicy Mutton Curry dish as well as the Daab Chingri, which are prawns cooked in mustard (a favorite among Bengalis) and cooked inside a hollowed-out coconut.

Best Street Food In Kolkata

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This is another famous restaurant in Kolkata where you are served with amazing Bengali food. From the snacks to the main course or the sweet dish, you will experience everything at this place. The restaurant has a beautiful setup and the food served here is rich in taste and has a wonderful aura. For the people who want to opt for catering service, this restaurant has that facility also for its customers. So do visit this place.

Best Street Food In Kolkata


This is a beautiful tearoom which is situated on Park Street and was made in British Raj in 1927. The main chef here is Vikas Kumar, who makes the most luxurious cakes, indulgent pastries &rich puddings. Even a special chocolate made by the chef is quite famous. For the people who want to experience rich creamy tea, then this place is a must go.

Best Street Food In Kolkata

Thus to conclude, these are some of the places which you must visit in Kolkata for the amazing food. They will definitely help you to make your taste buds feel the best.


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