Can Drinking Too Much Of Water Can Prove Harmful To Your Health


Water is very essential for our well-being and life. However, do you know that drinking a lot of water (or overhydration) will lead to water intoxication? As around 50% of the adults are dehydrated, dietitians and doctors always advise us to stay hydrated.

How much of water you must drink and what are the signs of the water intoxication and will it get reversed? Continue reading this post and you will find out if you’re drinking a lot of water and dangers it will cause to you in a long run. Start rolling!


Can Drinking Too Much Of Water Can Prove Harmful To Your Health

Our body is made of 60% of water, and we all know that the water is quite important for our body and for our health! Most of us have actually taken it to heart by always carrying the water bottles to the office, school or play, and hydrating wherever we go.

We all think it is good to drink plenty of water in order to stay fit and healthy — but actually, there are a few limits that you need to know. In the extreme cases, too much of hydration will have some harmful effects. Let us discover some potential risks linked with drinking huge amount of water and how to avoid over-hydrating.


What’s Hyponatremia?

Hyponatremia is a medical term for the sodium imbalance in our body. The sodium imbalance will happen when we consume a huge amount of water and flooding our cells.

Can Drinking Too Much Of Water Can Prove Harmful To Your Health


Sometimes it is also called water intoxication, water poisoning or overhydration. Salt or sodium is one kind of electrolyte that will regulate how much water goes in or out of the cells. Generally, too much water will dilute the sodium levels and can interfere with our organ function. So, when hyponatremia happens, the body’s electrolytes get out of balance dangerously.

Experience of people with hyponatremia:

  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Head Ache
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Muscle Cramps


What To Do If You Are Very Thirsty?

If you feel you are thirsty, then understand your body is saying that it needs water, sometimes it can signify some other health issues. Suppose you’re sitting in the hot room and exercising, it is very normal to feel thirsty. Actually, the main goal is to quench our excessive thirst, particularly when we are working out and doing energy intensive thing. Thirst is the normal indication of dehydration.

Can Drinking Too Much Of Water Can Prove Harmful To Your Health

However, thirst also can be the symptom of a medical problem, particularly if this happens often when you are not doing anything very active. The extreme thirst is associated with diabetes, thus if you ever experience it, then make sure you make a visit to your doctor for information.


Why People Overhydrate?

Drinking a lot of water is not always related to thirst. Some of the athletes, particularly in the endurance sport like biking or long-distance running, are quite prone to the accidental over-hydration. Because they do not want to dehydrate, they drink more water to prevent this. Dehydration can actually affect their performance, thus they are prepared. Athletes must remember of not getting carried away— and they can accidentally push the water intake very far.

Can Drinking Too Much Of Water Can Prove Harmful To Your Health


For maintaining the right diet, water is very important. But, like with many things in life, you need to properly balance your diet and habits that will open your door to the smarter, healthier and better living.


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