Self Defense Techniques that every woman must know

Safety and security are becoming a question mark in this cruel world. Being women is really tough as every time walking alone at night, one can experience a nervous, sinking feeling. Therefore, it is quite essential that woman should be trained about the various techniques of self-defense so that they can protect themselves while escaping an attack.


In this post, we will elaborate few of such techniques.


Front kick to the groin

This one is again the most effective kick. Just bend your knees and drive your hips forward, apply complete force with your knee and leg contacting the groin area of the attacker with the help of top of your foot.


Self Defense Techniques that every woman must know

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Straight Punch

If the person attacking upon you is in front of you, then a straight punch will be the most effective way of self-defense. In order to boost your strength, just push your foot and make sure to shove your hips along with the fist at the attacker. Also, attacking the areas like eyes, nose, or throat will be the most effective one.


Self Defense Techniques that every woman must know

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Bear Hug Defense

This one is most common while a male attacks any female. The attacker will always grab the victim from front or behind around the shoulders. In such situation, try to grab the attacker’s elbows trying to take the arms away from your body. The best thing is to get as low as you can toward the ground and twist as much as you can so that you can easily wriggle out of your attacker’s hold.


Self Defense Techniques that every woman must know

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Knee Kick

If the person appears to be close to your body, then kicking your knee can be very effective. Just drive your knee powerfully to hit the attacker’s groin. Using the bony tip of your knee will be more effective and painful. Grabbing the attacker from neck or shoulder prior giving this pick will help you more leverage to knee-kick harder.


Self Defense Techniques that every woman must know

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After these helpful moves, below are few of the tips that all woman should keep in their mind while being in the self-defense position:

• Always attack the weak body parts like eyes, nose, throat, chest, knees, and groin.

• The simplest and most effective move is to grab from the wrist.

• The most sensitive area to attack anyone in the groin. Therefore always aim to hit at this area for a sudden fall of your attacker.

• Your opponent is in front of you, then you can also opt to hit his nose with your forehead.

• If you are being attacked from the side, then you should always make an effective use of your elbow to attack back.


We hope that there should never fall a need to use any of these moves in your life, however, unfortunately, if there happens to be any such situation, be enthusiastic and powerful enough to injure your opponent completely. Keep all these moves as well as the tips in your mind always as these are really helpful.


10 Martial Arts Techniques for Active Self-Defense

Every day we wake up with one of the other devastating news of robbery, rapes, murders, abductions and what not. The world is becoming full of creeps and means persons.
Such monsters of society don’t leave any time for a victim to ask for anybody’s help and as people say if you can’t help yourself then nobody can come forward to help you, therefore the time has come when each and every person in the society must be fully equipped with the knowledge of self-defense.

So, here in 10 Martial Arts Techniques for Active Self-Defense article, we have compiled the self-defense techniques that each one of you must learn.

10 Martial Arts Techniques

1. Karate


Karate has everything that a person must know to protect himself. It has all the techniques of kicking, punching, blocking and even grappling an opponent.
It makes your kicks and punches so hard that you can easily defend yourself from getting into any trouble.

2. Wing Chun

wing chun

Wing Chun has gained immense popularity in recent years as one of the best self-defense techniques. Its solid straight punching techniques make it must learn the technique for everyone in today’s time.

3. Keysi Fighting Method

Keysi Fighting Method

It is a Spanish street style fighting technique, it is specially designed for defense when a person is attacked by more than one opponent.
Its multiple fighting techniques make it one of the best self-defense mechanism.

4. JeetKune Do

JeetKune Do

JeetKuneDo is a martial arts technique which was created by Bruce Lee, it is an amalgamation of the number of martial arts techniques that Bruce Lee has learned over the years.
In the book published by Bruce Lee on JeetKune Do, you will find reasoning with all the techniques that can save you from an attacker.

5. Judo


Judo is one of the best known martial arts techniques, mainly because of its inclusion in the Olympics. It has lots of core techniques, blocking, choking and is the best technique of throwing people on the floor.

6. Sambo


Sambo is a combat military style of fighting. It is one of the most amazing and attacking arts of fighting.
It is a combination of a sport and self-defense that makes it fun to learn. That helps to prepare an athlete to strengthen punches, kicks, and grips.

7. Boxing


Boxing is the most sorted and simple form of martial arts. It does not include any form of kicking or grappling, it just includes punches.
The techniques of boxing make sure that punches are strong enough to defend yourself from any sort of adversities.

8. Mixed Martial Arts

mix fight

It has everything boxing, kicking, throwing, punching, choking and what not. It is hard to learn but once learns is the best technique of self-defense.

9. Krav Maga

Krav Maga


Krav Maga is an amalgamation of both gun and knife techniques. It will also include grappling and striking.
But you need to make sure that you learn the same from the qualified trainer.

10. Defense Lab

10 Martial Arts Techniques for Active Self-Defense

Defense lab is the best self-defense technique for both armed and unarmed opponents. It is good to tackle group attacks as well.
But it requires lots of practice and years of hard work to master.
Everyone’s capabilities and capacities are different, learn the self-defense technique according to your comfort and strength. But learning these techniques are must to survive in today’s time.