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Why Chadar Trek Is Going To Close 2020

Chadar Trek Is Going To Close 2020 – This news is not good for a trekking lovers. Once known as the ultimate trekking spot for trek lovers all over the world, Chadar Trek will soon fade away if the right steps are not taken on time. The frozen Zanskar River is fighting hard for its existence and reasons like global warming, and human intervention is slowly pushing the trek towards death.


If experts are to be believed then we may not be able to enjoy the beauty of Chadar Trek Is Going To Close 2020


Initially, Chadar was not a trekking spot and local natives used to take this passage as a shortcut to town to procure basic supplies. But now, people especially youngsters come here for the trek. Spread across 105 KMs, 15-16 Kms is expected to be covered every day.

However as per Wing commander Amit Chaudhary, one needs to be exceptionally fit for trekking at Chadar Trek. For someone who is either an avid mountaineer or skier, the trek is not a problem. The only problem such professional people face is the drop down the temperature.


What is leading to chadar trek close by 2020?

Coming to the problems that are pushing this amazing landscape trek towards death are global warming and ignorant human beings. Global warming is the root of many problems that we are facing in today’ time and everyone is well aware of the same, but what people don’t know is that our own ignorance and mistakes are forcing Cheddar for a slow death.

Chadar Trek Is Going To Close 2020

Undoubtedly, this amazing frozen river is treated for eyes, and that is why over the years crowd has started gathering there without actually knowing about trekking.

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The Boasting Profiles:

Teenagers come here primarily to brag after they go back and to update pictures on their respective Facebook and Instagram pages. The trek is taking a lot of pressure then it actually can take, and then how can we forget about waste, litter, and excreta these people leave behind. Every year this waste is narrowing down the gorge of the frozen river.

Moreover, for all those who go on trekking to find some peace in life, Chadar is just not the option anymore. It is us,   and trekkers who need to make efforts to save Chadar trekking spot as one of the loved spots all over the world.

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Alternative Options

Don’t be dishearten when we say, that the trek is not for first timers and peace lovers. Having said all this we also have some perfect alternative trekking options that will help you to get over the news you just read above. The Indus Valley trek is the perfect alternative to Chadar trek, the nine days long trek will take you through snowy mountains, and you will get to spend starry nights on your campsite.

You will be amazed by intriguing into the lives of shepherds and tribes of Ladakh.

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That been said, no matter which trekking or tourist place it is, we all must make an effort for promoting cleanliness. Also, as a concerned visitor, we must ensure that we do not cause any damage to such places that lead to ecological imbalance. The environment-friendly approach needs to be followed to conserve and preserve the environment.

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