Couple Travels – A New Journey Of Love


Social media has changed the course of our entire lives today, whether we believe it or not but it has changed the world and certainly brought it closer. In the present time, people don’t shy away from sharing every bit if their lives on the social network are it their romantic relationships as well.


Traveling is the best way of getting to know yourself and your prospective partner and that is probably why we see the immense popularity of couple travel bloggers on the web today.

Relationship Goals

These couples can offer us some serious relationship as well as travel goals as they venture into the world with nothing but love and a sense of adventure om their minds. They not only showcase their travelling experiences but also share tips on how to do it well as well as give us a sense of warmth every time we look at them.


Not only are these bloggers travelling together, they certainly seem to make a ton of money out of it as well. Safe to say love and finances go hand in hand for them.

One such couple is Savi and Vid, who have a page called Bruised Passports. A couple was high school sweethearts, who decided to travel the world on a journey of Love. They are based in London but have traveled extravagantly from South Africa to Europe and Asia.


Profile: Bruised Passports

And we must not also forget that social media users love the content posted by these bloggers and have been supportive if it always.

Gathering A Massive Fan Base:

Selena and Jacob can be found on Instagram as @finduslost. The young couple left from L.A to travel the world and have not looked back ever since. They have a massive fan base on Instagram and innumerable sources of funding their exotic travels.


Profile: Find Us Lost

Anna Lisa and Porter owners of the page @recesscity have redefined travelling withe their sustainable and ethical lifestyle. They are sending a beautiful message to the world.


Profile: Recesscity

Exotic Locations & Photography:

We all are aware of how the #followmeto couple rose to fame which was too much to fathom. Photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova shook the internet with their insane pictures.


Profile: Follow Me To

The couple shared these posts where they featured the girl posing with her back to the camera holding her lover’s hand I’m exotic locations. The photos vent viral on the web and they seem to have gotten a full blown career out of it.


In a nutshell, if you are a couple who loves to travel and explore, couple travel blogging sounds like a brilliant idea. More power to these power couples! May they keep showing is the world through this eyes.


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