Experience Dinner In The Sky Bangalore, India

Dinner In The sky Bangalore India

Now experience dinner in the sky Bengalore has gone to another level which will definitely make people visit this place very soon. Yes now Fly Dining is available in the IT city which is something unusual and adventurous. This is something so cool. Imagine yourself up above in the sky, having scrumptious food served on your table while the best kind of advanced architecture and skyscrapers of the city. There will be four people to serve you and while being in the air you can feel like a king or queen.

So why go for skydive when sky dines is the new thing. Given below is more information regarding the same.

What Is Fly Dining all About?

This is something unusual which allows people to fly dine that is a host or have dinner with your friends while being in the sky. It’s not just dinner, you can have other meals such as lunch, high tea etc too. Even they offer games, events, entertainment, press conferences and talk show in the air which is something so unique. It is balanced 50 meters from the ground, you can do whatever you want around a table in the sky actually in the air.

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Say it loud to your friends “Let’s Go & Experience Dinner In The Sky Bengalore”.

Variety of Events

As it is said ‘the sky has no limits’ and Fly Dining actually knows how to increase. Like its name, Fly Dining is not just oriented to only dinners. They even organize a couple of other things such as Lunch, Breakfast , Meeting With Clients, VIP Seats For A Game Show, Anniversary Dinner, Christmas Party, Wedding Celebration, New Year’s Eve Dinner,Formula 1 Grand Prix, Golf Tournament, Product Launch, Concert, Fashion Show, Opening Celebration, Road Show, Promotion, Exhibition, Talk Show, Convention, Press Conference, VIP Treatment For Guest, Birthday Party, Engagement Announcement, Publicity Stunt, Press Release, Live TV/Radio Broadcast, Interview, Business Function, Corporate Event, Business Meeting, Charity Fundraise and what not. So actually whatever you can think of these people will arrange it for you to make your time the best one.

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Minimum Age

Talking about the minimum age, there is no such thing at Fly Dining but yes height is a matter of concern for them. They only allow people who have a minimum height of 135 cm. The reason is that the person should be able to lock everyone safely in their seats.

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What Does it Cost?

The rates for this Fly Dining vary. For Weekdays, the Lunch in the sky price will cost around RS 8,756 per person and tea would be around Rs 8020 per person. Having a beautiful sky dinner would be expensive than lunch as it would cost around Rs10, 228. As weekends are more fun, the cost even increases during this period. The lunch in the sky will be around Rs 10228 per person and high tea would be Rs 8,761 per person. The dinner is the costliest here as on weekends it will cost you around Rs 11,707. So as you are having meals up in the sky the prices are even high.

So to get this unusual experience you should definitely visit this place.


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