Do You Know About Drug Addiction?

Drug Addiction

Of course, money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you a worse pain which is untreatable! This statement might strike the mind of those people who are badly fallen in the curse of drug addiction and are suffering from the dark aspects of the side effects.  

Drug dependence was never beneficial for us, nor it is the same yet. And also, we should consider that there would be the less bright side of drug dependence in the coming future comparatively.


Every day when we go through the pages of the newspaper, there are a number of cases defining drug abuse and there is a big causal relationship between the crime and that drug abuse. 

The United States of America 2016, it was reported that more than 63,000 people died due to the overdose of drugs. Among this overall population, 66% of people died due to the contribution of opioids, which is prescribed as a pain reliever by the doctors. 


Due to the devilish side of this medication, Colorado‘s attorney general has prosecuted the father of OxyContin, Richard Sackler, as per the consideration of his vital role in causing the opioid epidemic. According to CDC, the offered opioids in the treatment of the diseases and pain whether they were prescribed or illegally provided contributed to the addiction, drug abuse, and death. 


According to the New York Times, three top current and former employees who get charged criminally had favoured their act as it was deliberately done to make the doctors and their patients believe that OxyContin would give no rise to drug abuse and there are no longer very high dark sides of OxyContin rather other drugs in this category.

Although it was considered and defined that there may be few chances of drug addiction in the case of OxyContin, but it is less likely to be abused rather than the other drugs so it can be prescribed competitively more.


The claims are like the medication had been provided with the patients deliberately along with the explanation of its bad effects on the patients but they were yet prescribed to those as a pain reliever. This was also reported that this drug abuse was the act of making more profit. 

The lawsuit states that Purdue Pharma “downplayed the risk of addiction associated with opioids,” “exaggerated the benefits,” and “advised health care professionals that they were violating their Hippocratic oath and failing their patients unless they treated pain symptoms with opioids,” that statement given by the Colorado attorney general‘s office. 


All these allegations were ridiculously denied by Purdue Pharma and the statement was provided to the Washington Post, was like, although it shares “the state’s concern about the opioid crisis,” it did not mislead health care providers about prescription opioids. It did not mislead health care providers about prescription opioids.

Anyway, this is very normal that there come the allegations and then their negligence and this process continues again and again but the point here is that why drug abuse is getting so and so popular in our common beings!


How is drug dependence converted into drug addiction and then it becomes a drug abuse?


Do we think that a person who is addicted to the drugs badly dies at the end of the conclusion only?


Yes obviously, in the end, this happens the same but between that very particular duration there comes a very thoughtful thing which influences our society in a grave and negative manner. 

An addiction to drugs leads to a person towards crime. There is a causal relationship between drug addiction and criminology. The person who is addicted to drugs makes every possible effort to get money so that he can buy the drugs for himself and it doesn’t matter for him whether he is making right or wrong trials.


The only thing in the mind of that drug-dependent person is that he has to buy drugs for him by hook or cook. And this learning develops a tendency of crime in him as stealing, snatching or even the murder of a person to get his money.

So, try to be a gentleman so that you may defeat this devil and moreover you may save lives including your own one.


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