Do You Know About Monastic town of China: Xiahe?


Xiahe County is located in the northwest region of the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The place is next to Qinghai Province. Xiahe is the home to Labrang Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It is one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries outside the Tibet Autonomous Region. The town is popular due to the monastery and is visited by many pilgrims and tourists.


The town is also known as “Little Tibet” as it exhibits the Tibetan culture and due to its ethnic traditions. It has been a tourist attraction in the past few years and has made its name in discussions due to the recent discovery of the extinct human bones there.

Attractions of Xiahe

Xiahe is located between two mountains and the river Daxia flows by its side. Along with the monastery, the town has many scenic attractions. As the town is still not well known, you will not find the tourist rush and can savor your journey in placidity.

Do You Know About Monastic town of China: Xiahe?

Labrang Monastery

The Labrang Monastery is the center of attraction in Xiahe. It is located in the center of town. The monastery is very ancient and is considered among the six great monasteries of the Gelukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Much part of the monastery was destroyed in the Cultural Revolution and it was redeveloped in the late part of the 20th century. The monks’ quarters and prayer halls are worth visiting which secrete the spiritual vibes.


Sangke Grassland

The place is located 10 km from Xiahe and holds a good reputation in the northwest Tibetan district for its pasture fields and the culture. You can have a nomadic experience here away from the cacophony of the city.


Some of the other places to visit in Xiahe are:

Prayer Wheels: Visited by many pilgrims where they spin brightly painted wooden drums.

Do You Know About Monastic town of China: Xiahe?

Man Jus’ri Temple: Buddha statues can be found here. Pilgrims come here often chanting their prayers in the hall.


Gongtang Chorten


Places to visit around Xiahe

Ancient town of Bajiao: A walled village built in the Han Dynasty.


Ganija Grasslands: A place with green pastures and a good place to enjoy the nature

Ganija_Grasslands_ scoutripper

Darzong Lake


White Rock Cliffs


Discovery Of Extinct Bones In Xiahe

Recently, there was a discovery of extinct bones which are believed to belong to the ancient human species in Xiahe. The research team describes it as 160,000-year old hominin mandible. Using the ancient protein analysis, the researches found that it was closely related to the Denisovans from Siberia.


It is believed that they resided in the Tibetan plateau in the Middle Pleistocene before the Homon Sapiens arrived in the region.


The Wonders Of Nature

The discovery made in Xiahe is an important scientific discovery as it provides the evidence regarding the archaeological facts of the place as well as the people living there. Moreover, the culture developed after it can also be studied.


It sounds like an irony when we come across such discoveries which date back to centuries ago. We can say that no matter how much we try to develop the concrete human kingdom around the world, the nature cannot be defeated with its marvel. This evidences and today’s situation clearly manifests the wonders of nature.

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