Do You Know Guam Island In Micronesia?


As we discussed in the previous articles regarding the different destinations of Micronesia, it has a lot to offer. Micronesia is among the few places which are not much discovered by people. Hence, the islands and secluded beaches give a feeling of a private vacation. The other destinations of Micronesia are discovered in this article.


Guam is an island territory of US rich cultural heritage and pride. Geographically, Guam is the largest Micronesian island. Its location being on the west side, it is the first to experience the new day in US and so it is also known as the place “Where America’s Day Begins”.


Guam is a unique destination for its pristine beaches, rich culture and people. Water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, shopping, hiking and many others can be carried out here. It offers the best snorkeling experience for both beginners and experienced. Snorkeling can be done on the reefs of the Tumon Bay marine preserve, the Piti Bomb Holes and in the southern village of Merizo.

Attractions In Guam

Guam is rich in culture and beauty. You can explore its beauty collectively from each places. The Two Lovers point in the village of Upper Tumon shows a beautiful view of Guam. While visiting the Apugan Fort in Agana Height is also an interesting place along with the Cetti Bay in the southern part of Guam.


Along with many of these places you can experience the cultural vibes of Guam.

Pagat Cave

Pagat Cave is excellent for a hiking and adventure trip. The place is beautiful from the inside as well as the coast outside the cave abreast with the beauty of the location.


Spanish Steps

Spanish steps is one of the beautiful places in Guam. The beauty hushes the clamor of the outside world. It is an excellent place for hiking and snorkeling. However, you need permission from the authority to visit this place.


Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers point is the most popular destination for tourists on the island. It offers a magnificent view of the coast and the turquoise waters for miles.


Tumon Beach

Tumon beach is located in the downtown area of Guam. It is the most common as well as the most visited beach of Guam. Many hotels are surrounding this beach and it’s a great place to enjoy the sunset.


Underwater World Guam

Underwater World Guam is a Guam Aquarium Experience. It is one of the longest tunnel-aquariums in the world and also the only oceanarium in the states. The aquarium has more than 2000 animals representing over 80 species.


Ypao Beach

Ypao beach is also an archaeological site along with the beach. The bayside park is famous for picnics.


Adventures in Guam

Apart from visiting the beaches and enjoying the water activities there are many other places you must visit. You can hike to about 32 waterfalls in Guam like Tarzan waterfalls and Talofofo waterfalls. Hiking Mt. Lamlam and cherishing the beautiful view is also quiet an experience. Dolphin watching is also an activity loved by the tourists.


So go ahead with your trip and enjoy this beautiful island…


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