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Canadian Geography Facts

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most incredible and beautiful countries with amazing geographical features. It’s interesting to know more about the breathtaking geography of the country,

Here are some not to miss facts about it!!

– Canada is five times as big as Mexico in size.

– Canada is home to more lakes than the rest of the world combined!

– Of the world’s total renewable water supply, 9% is from Canada.

– Due to the excessive salt concentration in the water of Lake Manitou, you can’t sink.

– Ottawa is the second largest capital in the world.

– Nunavut is the most extensive territory which covers a fifth of the country has a population of only 38000 people.

– The longest unprotected border is between Canada and the United States are known as the International Boundary.

– Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta and Northwest Territories is larger than Denmark and Switzerland.

– Canada has the world’s longest coastline spanning about 243000km and is a treat for long beach walk lovers.

– The longest freshwater beach in the world is Wastage beach found in Ontario.

– Canada has the Pacific Ocean to its west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Arctic Ocean to its north.

– Canada has the largest island within an island located within the Arctic known as Victoria.