Do You Know These Facts About Yeti Snowman?


Theirs knew about Yeti-the ginormous beast inhabiting the Himalayas. If you are a snow trekking lover than you have to read it these facts about yeti carefully.

According to recent discoveries, we’ve got you some amazing facts about yeti the mythical creature!

– Yeti has also been classified as some sort of bear.

– Some people describe yeti to be 6-10 feet tall covered in white fur all over.

– Yeti is believed to be active during the night and his nocturnal activities include growling and hunting!

– Yeti is known by various names like Almas in Mongolia, Bigfoot in North America, Batutut in Vietnam, Fear liath in  Scotland,  Yowie in Australia.

– This creature was first seen by a photographer in 1925 and many Nepalese claims to have seen him too.

– Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay also reported seeing large footprints while climbing Mt. Everest in 1953.

– Some explanations have concluded Yeti to be a Langur monkey or Himalayan brown bear living in lower altitudes.

– Chinese scientists last year announced an expedition to find their own equivalent to the Yeti.

– In 2008 Japanese adventurers discovered 8 inches long footprints that were human-like and believed they belong to Yeti.