Explore the unexplored India this time – North East India

Exploring India

The northeastern region of India is still unexplored. There are some awesome places to visit at the location, with some of the vivid locations at the tail of Himalaya. Get a glimpse of the places and ensure to make your trip next time.


Northern Sikkim

Start your tour map from Sikkim, the place of uniqueness and wonder. Outstanding high hills, near the tail of Himalaya, are ready to welcome you to lakes, monasteries and outstanding river streams. While Teesta flows the bank of Sikkim and divides it into two parts, at the north, there is the Rumtek Monastery and the Nathula Pass, with Changhu Lake at the middle. All the things together are absolutely gorgeous to watch it.

Explore the unexplored India this time - North East India


Sandakphu to Goecha La

Trek down to Sandakphu and to the interior of Kanchenjunga – the mighty Himalayan peak. The trek route is for the professionals only. It is a tough journey, but the beauty all along the side will keep your pains apart. In the trip, do not miss Goecha la – discover impeccable natural scenes and make your life worthy enough to live.




This one is a mighty village of Meghalaya and is often undiscovered by the travelers. The village comes in the trek route and is having some extensive beauty of caves, freshwater streams, and forest beauty. Images, you will take here are even better than the so-called available online wallpapers.

Explore the unexplored India this time - North East India


Manipur and Nagaland

If you like to mix with the different tribes of India, you have missed a lot, if you left out Manipur and Nagaland. These two are the places for the Mongoloid tribes, they are protecting the Aryan’s history with immense care. Extensive food habits, a new way of celebrations and inter-cultural mix make the place really look like a holy Himalayan base. Do not miss out Ziro and Hornbill festival at the location.

Explore the unexplored India this time - North East India



This is one of the rare most places in northeast India, which is often unexplored by the tourists. Get down to the foothills of Kanchenjunga from here and meet the mighty Kanchenjunga falls. Sensui Bridge is a worthy place to watch at the place too. However, the thing for which the place is kept so much secret is the spiritual lake of Nest Homestay – this might be the only lake in the world, which is kept clean by the birds.

Explore the unexplored India this time - North East India



Lovely and homely people of the states with the host you with their earnest warmth. This has been a specialty in all parts of India, especially in the villages. Get to the northeastern cities of India, earn a new type of food habit and explore many things that are even unknown to the best travelers of the world. The cities in the states are known to many, but beauty lies in the interior villages. Rich and ancient tribal culture also exist there itself.

Explore the unexplored India this time - North East India


There are innumerable trek routes in the city and unnumbered resorts too. You have been to the top places, that are known to many, but this is the time to visit the places that are least known to all. Outstanding ridges, canyons, and hill-locks are there in every corner of North East. Make out your time, this summer and plan a visit, with many days in your hand. Some, eye-glittering natural beauties are kept aside for the other part of the world, only for you. It is time to explore those.


Northeast India is also having some heritage with it, some from the prehistoric age of Mahabharata and some from the age of Buddhism. Things are spread here and there since no one is ready there to make a business out of those. So, a little bit more exercise is needed from you.



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