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Lost City Of Atlantis

Lost city of atlantis the ocean has mysteries that goes beyond logic. Stories of pirates in the Atlantic, Neverland, the Bermuda triangle has been holding a strong allure in our minds. The whole stories and folkores of treasures undersea have led to so many explorations. Scientists and rationalists look for clues to solve this mystery.

Lost City Of Atlantis

Some have been and some are still left to speculations. But nothing compares to the allure of the mysterious lost city of Atlantis holds into the mind of the people even today. But where it is a fact or fiction it is still debatable.

So here are the strange facts one should know about the lost city of atlantis:

A timeless fiction of a lost city of atlantis

The story of Atlantis is timeless and conjured by the Greek political philosopher Plato. The story of Atlantis is a cool piece of folklore that tells us how things of greatness can be ruined with time and still exists. It also tells us how the earth is a mysterious place. Atlantis is just more than a lost underwater kingdom. It has agendas buried deep within that boggles the minds of writers and explorers.

Lost City Of Atlantis

The Size Of The Mysterious Island

There are disparities in the theories that speculates the size of the island. The original Greek myth describes Atlantis to be a port city in the middle of the ocean whose size is larger than the combined size of Asia and Libya together. It is impossible for to imagine a city larger than two countries together.

Lost City Of Atlantis

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Architecture Of Love

The beautiful city of Atlantis was built on a hill of Cleito. by the Greek God of Oceans, Poseidon. As he walked on the island, he fell in love with a mortal woman named Cleito and built the city on her name in order to woo her. So much for love!!! But love did not stop him from captivating her in the palace surrounded by moats as he was jealous of her beauty being coveted by other men. Not the ideal relationship goals.

Lost City Of Atlantis

Golden Statue Under The Sea

Statues and treasure buried under the sea is a known fact, and Atlantis is no different. The 10 sons of Poseidon and Cleito ruled the city of Atlantis. The eldest son, Atlas became the head ruler. In order to honour his father, he built a temple so extravagant and intricating, that the spirals roof of the temple could reach the clouds. In the temple was grand gold statue of Poseidon riding a chariot driven by winged horses. The statue has not been found just like the city itself.

Lost City Of Atlantis

Land Ruled By Aliens

The storytellers narrate that the original Atlanteans came from a different galaxy. These aliens bore a resemblance to humans, but grandeur in stature with sharp features. They also possessed superpowers of controlling energy and natural phenomenon. Perhaps consumed by too much power, they brought doom to the city.

Lost City Of Atlantis

Destroyed By Poseidon Himself

Atlantis was a hedonistic city of wealth and pleasure. The sons of Poseidon built palaces and temples but they also lacked the virtue to be efficient rulers. There was in-fighting amongst the brothers. The demi-god sons of Poseidon had become selfish. The city was burdened by sins. The story Atlantis tells us that God’s creation can also be faulty. Seeing the fallacy of his creation he caused the ocean to consume the city of Atlantis.

Lost City Of Atlantis

The story of Atlantis has been left to the imagination of so many writers. The mystery has created so many films and books. Remember Disney’s Little Mermaid or Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. The pop culture thrives on the mystery of the lost city. Who knows it may be fact, or it is just an old wive’s tale?



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