First track is always different and it will remain so…

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The first track is always different and it will remain so

It is true that each trek is an individual challenge and they are to be seen like that itself. Still, it can be sad that the first trip as a trek is filled with much ore thrill and much more fun, than all the subsequent ones. Several things come into the middle, initially forcing you to tame your mind, and then to bind your mind. How can a bound mind feel the fun of trek?

Why Treks

A trek is not only to face the challenges of nature. It’s basically a holy path to overcome – finding the deity of nature in front your eyes every time and finding her with all her glamorous aura at the end. If you can feel like that, every trek is going to be a dream project for your mind. However, most of the time, treks are seen to be like a video game – there are endless challenges and you are onto those for overcoming them one after another. If this is the case, you will feel addicted to the treks, but the first time fun will never come back in your mind. This is same with playing a game for the first time, you will get addicted to it and play it numerous time, but will never be attracted to it, like you felt in the first occasion.



Constraints in your treks

Numerous other things are also there to put constraints on you in the second case. First of all your parents – they will never allow you for the trek, especially after looking your weakness, after the first trip. Secondly, it is your mind again. The same climbing, the same steep paths and the same foods – you will not find the thrill, you felt during the first time.

Leh Ladakh Trek


Three ways to keep it agile in your mind

Do not think to be depressed. There are three things that you can do to make you feel humble for the second trek.

•      The first step from you will be to change the plans. Keep the first trip easier and locale. Now, put the second trip a bit tougher and to one of the dreamlands of yours. This will be influential in your mind and at the end of everything, you will feel the urge for the third trek.

First way to keep it agile


•      The second exercise is for your mind. Keep it afresh and make it feel that you are climbing the rocks for a holy sight of the nature. With an urge to watch the holy nature, same foods will seem to be much more relaxing, and your concentration will move from the climbing to the natural beauty – it is much more enchanting than all other experiences

Second way to keep it agile


•      Always put some extra packages in your trek – something which is very much new. If in one trek, you plan the path through fogs, keep the other trek, through the meadows. If the second one is through the meadows, keep the third one with ice, snow and clear sky. Keep the fourth one through the clouds. Keeping something new in the package will definitely attract you and will keep a thrill in your mind – going on like the perennial streams.


First track is always different and it will remain so...

This is quite a common thing to the trekkers that they do not find the second trip as thrilling as the first one, but there are ways to overcome the same too. Do the thing in style and make things quite easy and enigmatic for you. Immense joy of exploring new natural bridal beauty will keep on ticking in your mind – inspiring you every time for the next trek. This is the mystery of the trekkers, whose trek counts is innumerable.


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