Foods You Should Avoid During Your Periods


We are nothing less than Wonder Woman. We work, take care, and also go for battles. More than any of it, every month we fight a battle with our own bodies. Yes, our periods. Those five days of the month, we let our guard down but continue to fight. Periods can be difficult. The mood swings, the cravings, and the cramps make our periods worse.

Foods You Should Avoid During Your Periods

But, what about our own lifestyle? Our periods are affected seriously by our lifestyle choices. The food we eat, the exercises we do, our sleeping patterns; all of it affects our menstrual cycle. On those days, our body needs extra care and caution. If we eat right, our periods can be a lot less bad. So, here is a list of food every girl should strictly avoid eating during periods:

No Coffee For Starters

Caffeine makes the period worse. It can totally cause fluctuation at a hormonal level. This leads to mood swings and creates a negative effect on your body. You may feel energetic at first, but caffeine constricts the blood flow. Yes, more cramps and bloating. Nobody wants any more of those. It is better to avoid any beverage that contains caffeine.

Foods You Should Avoid During Your Periods

Salty Foods Are A Big No

Who does not love to sit and binge on chips and Netflix during periods? Every girl does it. But this leads to bloating and discomfort. Chips and fried food contains salt. This contributes to an increase in water retention causing bloating. Consuming less amount of sodium is better. Avoid eating chips and French fries during your periods. It always helps.

Foods You Should Avoid During Your Periods

Save Milk And Dairy For Later

Milk and dairy products are nutritious, but not during periods. Milk products contain saturated fat which leads to irritation and inflammation. The omega 3 acids present in yogurt and ice-cream can lead to severe cramps. Ice-cream surely is not your best friend during the periods.

Foods You Should Avoid During Your Periods

Sugar Is Not Always Nice

The sugar rush is comforting during periods, but can actually make it worse. Sugary food items make the blood sugar level unstable. The fluctuations caused in the blood levels may lead to tension and anxiety. Consuming sweets continuously during periods can lead to exhaustion and imbalance in immunity. The menstrual cramps are worsened due to sweet cravings.

Foods You Should Avoid During Your Periods


Fatty Meat = Big Problems

Fatty and juicy meat items are tempting during periods, but temptations always lead to trouble in the future. Fatty meat items negatively impact your hormone levels as it produces excess estrogen. This causes bloating and irritation. Fatty acids present in them constrict the uterine muscles leading severe cramps. Fatty meats are also highly processed and do not have any nutritional value. Switch to vegetables or lean meat diet for a healthy period.

Foods You Should Avoid During Your Periods

Periods are confusing to our emotions. Women crave comfort food that is sweet and salty. But the willpower to avoid these cravings are a must if you want a pain-free period. Lifestyle changes will surely stop you from popping a pill for period cramps. Eating right leads ensures a healthy and stress-free period.



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