Garbage Care Tips when You Are Trekking on Mountains


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For the people who have visited McLeod Ganj before the coming up of irresponsible tourists and heavy traffic jams, it was actually like a dream, so tranquil and beautiful. The narrow lanes which consist of small shops selling handmade jewelry and prayer items of Buddhist such as wheels, beads, and flags are something adorable. It actually makes you feel like a guest to a place which is full of emotions. The place serves amazing Tibetan food specially Thukpa and momos which you can resist.


Garbage Care Tips when You Are Trekking on Mountains


But, ever since the cricket stadium is constructed in Dharamshala in 2008, McLeod Ganj suddenly became the center of attraction, where hoards of tourists from all around India and other places come. As earlier this place was known as a treat for relaxation and now this town generates over 6 tonnes of garbage in a month. McLeod Ganj has actually been a destination of irresponsible tourists at present time.


Garbage Care Tips when You Are Trekking on Mountains


In the report by Himachal Pradesh Tourism, the figures explain that the state recorded a 6.2% rise in tourism in 2017. Around 4.2 million people have visited the Kangra region which is a major attraction of McLeod Ganj. More than half of the total number (2.6 million) are Indian tourists. This increase in the number of tourist with weakening infrastructure and the lazy administration has given rise to several issues.


Garbage Care Tips when You Are Trekking on Mountains

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Environmental Officer, Ngawang Sonam at the Tibetan Settlement Office in Upper Dharamshala – along with a team of other 26 workers are working towards making keeping McLeod Ganj a tidy place again. In doing this, there are many issues faced by the organization. Given below are some of them.

  • There is an increase in the garbage problem at McLeod Ganj. Actually, the tourists which visit there are disinterested in picking up litter.


  • In spite of having funds which are granted for garbage removal, there are no pick-up trucks given by the government. The funds are used by contractors for there personal needs.


  • There are presently three garbage trucks running in McLeod Ganj which are funded meagerly by the municipal corporation and mainly by locals. These trucks cannot be utilized properly due to the hefty traffic jams and the people who park their vehicles wrongly.

The laziness of government and irresponsible tourist’s behavior actually leads to chaos in McLeod Ganj during peak season. This basically disturbs the whole fun of enjoying the natural beauty.


Garbage Care Tips when You Are Trekking on Mountains

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Tips for Trekking to Triund or any other Trekking place – Ngawang Sonam

Ngawang Sonam, the Environmental Officers, suggested some points which tourists should follow when they are visiting McLeod Ganj:

• They should never throw garbage on the streets. Clean Environment should be the main focus.

• While going to Triund, please don’t leave anything behind. Don’t litter on the trail at all as this result in mess for the authorities.

• Avoid from purchasing more than one or two plastic bottles.

• Avoid taking your vehicle to the places where public transport is available. This will solve the traffic issue.

• Put your garbage waste on its proper place.


Garbage Care Tips when You Are Trekking on Mountains


Other changes to be looked after for Triund Trekking

• Jogibara road and Temple road must be kept clear and vehicles are not allowed. As the roads are narrow and even schools are there so silence should be a part of this place.

• No vehicle should be allowed beyond Dharamkot. Even littering of the place should be avoided or fine should be issued to irresponsible people

Before we come to the final conclusion, we can actually say that Macleodganj is one of the most pristine and serene locations present in India. We actually need to take steps to keep this place a cleaner one so that people could experience an amazing vacation.

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