Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety


Evolution has touched every sphere of our lives.

When it comes to technology, women are more likely to buy tech gadgets than men. Women put more emphasis on the product’s potential to change their lives even slightly. 2018 was a year dedicated to technology. Lets have a look at all the tech gadgets that arrived in 2018 for the betterment of women’s lives.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

1) Smart Rope

Fitness plays a major role in our lives. To help you with your fitness goals, the technology has presented the world with a smart rope. 

Smart rope is a LED embedded jump rope that displays your jump count even in mid air. To add a pinch of salt, the rope also shows your amount of calorie burned. It can be synced with your mobile device or via Bluetooth. With smart rope, aerobics are now more fun than ever.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

2) iPhone Case With An Electric Shocker

Eve teasing related crimes have been their in the society for a long time now. To protect oneself, women opt for self defence tricks. With an iPhone case with electric shocker, no one will dare to mess with you. Not only does the case protect your device from robbers but can also protect you.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

It’s time we start fighting back.

3) An Excellent Calorie Scanner

The busy life often doesn’t allow us with deitary management time.

With the advancement in technology, we can now count calories in our meal and even three major nutrients in the food. The caloreico is a device that measures your calories with great pricision using infrared rays. It also offers customised recipes so your health is now in good hands.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

4) A Breast Support Band

To provide exceptional support during exercises, breast support bands are now available. The athletic breast band is designed to dramatically reduce vertical and lateral breast movement.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

The adjustable band is made with high quality materials to offer excellent fit, comfort and performance.

5) Smart Bra

Vitali smart bras track your heart rate variability and breathing. Designed for sheer comfort, the smart bra is equipped with fabric based sensors. It also checks body posture. In case of an unbalance, it generates gentle vibrations that remind to calm down. The daily data is gathered in the Vitali app.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

6) Sensor-Based Purse Light

Research says women spend 76 days of their lives, searching for stuff in handbags.

To find anything in that purse is next to impossible all the time. Japanese engineers have found a solution to help all of us. SOI automatic purse light has sensors that utilise energy field from your hand to switch on the light. It turns off automatically after 10 seconds.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

7)  3-D Body Scanner

Many of us stop working out when we don’t see the results. Shapescale allows you to monitor every little change in your physique. It lets you know where you have lost fat and where the muscles are building.

Shapescale has a difference view which makes it super easy for you to demonstrate the result of your diet and workout. Visual goal tracking feature acts as the cherry on the top.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

8) Perfect Pillow For Travellers

Frequent travelling often lands us with neck pain. Vascopillow is designed for all of us who fly frequently. Dermatologically tested soft material and massage heating modes are the shining features of the pillow. The massaging mode helps lower cortisol levels and makes sleeping easier.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

9) Smart Sleeping Band

The I+ band lets you sleep more soundly. It induces good dreams, monitors your sleep and provides natural rest to the body.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

With the I+ band, you will always wake up refreshed and energized. A good sleep protects your physical and mental health.

10) Pillow Pet

If you are one of those who love pets but can get one, then pillow pet is the gift for you.

Gifts Of Technology To Women Safety

The technology powered pillow when stroked, wags its tail gently. When you run it, it swings just as delightfully as a pet. The amazing tail therapy induces a sense of comfort. Your wish of having a pet, can come true with this pillow pet. 


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