10 Globetrotters Travel Best Locations Notes!!

Globetrotters Travel

Travelling has its own mesmerizing way to enrich people all over the globe & we bring some best locations for globetrotters travel. Not only does it refreshes one’s mind it freshens up one’s soul. For all those travel enthusiasts, there are some very interesting facts that are not generally known to all. If you are a globetrotter then add these places to your bucket list!

We pick these 10 Best Locations For Globetrotters Travel like you

Switzerland – High Peaks Of The Alps

You have to try Swiss chocolate. An average person consumes 22 pounds of chocolate per year! There’s not just the beauty that attracts tourists to Switzerland, their fine quality chocolate is something you should not miss.


Bhangarh Fort, India – Most Hunted Fort

Located in Rajasthan, Bhangarh is one of the most haunted places in the world and what makes it different is that the Archaeological Survey of India has restricted tourists to stay after sunset.


Tanzania – Home to the “Petrifying Lake”

Dead animals are turned into statues due to calcification. The presence of huge volumes of sodium bicarbonate is the reason why this phenomenon occurs. And because of the high alkaline collection, the lake appears red in color. This is the reason why this lake is also known as the ‘Petrifying Lake’. 


Austria – Land – Locked Country

One of the world’s strangest places is located in the Green Lake in Tragoess where an entire park goes underwater in spring.


Ukraine – Black Sea coastline

The famous “Tunnel of Love” located in Ukraine is a must-visit destination. The green leafy tunnel is no less than a dreamland!


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Columbia – Cano Cristales

The river is also known as the “River of Five Colors”. The river is one of the most beautiful creations of nature. The river turns red during summer months due to the presence of unique species of plants growing on its seabed.


Antarctica – Ice – Covered landmass

Amidst the interminable whiteness of the snow, the Blood Falls do not miss to catch the eye. The water is red in color due to the presence of excessive amounts of Ironmaking it a great place for travel enthusiasts.


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Rhone And Arve Rivers – Switzerland

This is a marvelous creation of God where these rivers having completely different colors fail to mix due to the difference in water density!


Maldives – Small Island In Arabian Sea

The home to crystal clear water attracts millions of tourists every year. The luminescent sea plankton that shines bright blue during the night makes the sea area at Vaadhoo Island look like the Sea of Stars.


Poland – Rzeczpospolita Polska

The crooked forest in Poland is a treat to the eyes. Nature at its utmost beauty is what the place defines!   You can witness oddly-shaped pine trees outside Nowe Czarnowo near the town of Gryfino, West Pomerania. The reason behind the shape of these pine trees is a complete mystery!



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