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Break The Conventional Visa Destinations

Travelers who often look forward to travel abroad tend to cancel or postpone their tour due to visa required while traveling. Obtaining visa for any country can be a tedious task. Right from applying for the visa documents, interviews and finally worrying about the visa approval can be annoying. It can be a waste of time and nothing else can be planned during that period.

Go Roaming Abroad With No Visa – Scoutripper

But what if you can travel abroad without worrying about visa?

Sounds interesting right?

Go Roaming Abroad With No Visa – Scoutripper

Well there are many countries where you can travel without visa or avail the facility of on-arrival visa process.

Countries Where You Can Travel With Just  Your Indian Passport

You can travel to 64 countries holding your Indian passport visa free or through on-arrival visa. India stands 70th as per the ranking of Global Passport Index among the 193 United Nations member countries and six territories.

Go Roaming Abroad With No Visa – Scoutripper

So according to the position, Indian passport holders can travel to 25 countries without visa and 39 countries with on-arrival visa. Hence we are entitled to travel to these countries holding our passport and the required travel documents.

No Visa Or On-Arrival Visa Countries

You can travel without visa to the countries like Bhutan, Fiji, Macau, Micronesia, Mauritius, Indonesia, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago and many others.

Go Roaming Abroad With No Visa – Scoutripper

The duration for the visa free stay varies according to the country. Countries like Cambodia, Maldives, Cape Verde, Madagascar, Thailand, Jordan have the policy of on-arrival visa. Rich with their cultures and specialties they can be enjoyed without any burden and worry of visa.

Self E-Visa Availability

It is another category of visa which allows you to travel to the countries through online applications known as e-visa (electronic visa) where the travelers themselves apply for the visa online. The main benefit of this visa is that no intermediates or agents are required in this process.

Go Roaming Abroad With No Visa – Scoutripper

Countries like Myanmar, UAE, Vietnam, Georgia, Kenya and many others offer e-visa facility where you can get the visa after paying the visa fees. The duration of the visa varies according to the different countries.

Plan In Advance & Enjoy Your Travel

So start packing your bag and get ready to travel to these countries where you don’t need to get involved into the hectic visa process and wait for the approval of the visa.

Go Roaming Abroad With No Visa – Scoutripper

If you are planning to travel abroad, you can easily avail the visa to these countries and enjoy your stay without any worries of the visa documents.



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