21 Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore in 2020

21 Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore

People living in big cities like Bangalore often have to make choices on a daily basis that sometimes makes them feel frustrated.

They have to keep on canceling their day-long trips just because of a tight schedule.

But, in such an instance, they usually miss the golden opportunity of traveling aka weekends. We’ve listed 21 Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore that you can visit on-the-go!

Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore within 400 kms

1. Kudremukh (332 km)

Kudremukh trek near Banglore

Renowned as the name of the peak located in Karnataka’s district Chikkamagaluru, Kudremukh is nothing less than a paradise nearby India’s busiest IT hub aka Bengaluru.

Being a sub-range of the Western Ghats, kudremukh stands out of the beautiful hill station scenes as three of its phases belongs to an array of rolling hills consists of natural grasslands and tropical forests.

2. Agumbe (355 km)

Agumbe hill station near banglore

If you’re stressed and looking for a quick getaway trip near to Bengaluru, then consider doing some adventurous things at Agumbe.

Settled in the malenadu region which known to be the rocky forests of the western ghats mountain range make it a great spot for hiking lovers.

Not to mention but this hill station is also very popular for owning high rainfall due to which tourists often call it one of the rainiest hill stations in Karnataka.

3. Kodachadri (392 km)

Kodachadri hill near banglore

Situated approx. 78 Km from Shimoga, Kodachadri trek is a perfect spot for people who are looking forward to breaking the monotony of urban life and refill themselves with fresh air in nature’s lap.

Numerous of Bengaluru folks visit this natural heritage site and spend some peaceful time with their friends and families.

Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore within 300 kms

4. Yercaud (216 km)

Yercaud hills near banglore

A hill station nestled in the outskirts of Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud is a spot that is well-known for its magical charm.

A natural settlement with caves, plantations, wildlife, and boathouse, there is hardly any pleasure that travelers will miss while staying at this paradise.

5. Sakleshpur (221 km)

Sakleshpur hill near banglore

If you wish to surround yourself with a natural setup, then consider visiting Sakleshpur and spend some peaceful time while gazing at the clear sky.

A hiking spot with scenic views of natural greenery and ultimate sightseeing opportunities.

6. Coorg (250 km)

21 Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore in 2020

You must be kidding yourself if not heard about the most popular hill station of Karanataka aka Coorg.

Be it family travelers, artisans or, adventure enthusiasts, it is impossible for anyone to resist from the land of coffee and spice plantation.

7. Brahmagiri (253 km)

Brahmagiri hill near banglore

A scenic tourist attraction situated at the height of 1608 m from the sea level, Brahmagiri is one of the most beautiful mountain range lies in the Western Ghats area.

It is the most popular trek where you cannot go without a handy camera.

8. Pushpagiri (256 km)

Pushpagiri hill near banglore

One and an only mountain range that lies within Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and is a well-known hiking spot, Pushpgiri is a must-visit adventure spot for those who love wildlife views.

9. Kolli Hills (259 km)

Kolli Hills near banglore

A small mountain range with scenic views of the waterfall and the cold breeze is something that very few deny admiring.

People usually visit this offbeat beauty of Karanataka to see seventy dangerous hairpin bends. Hill Stations Near Bangalore within 200 km

10. Kunti Betta (128 km)

Kunti Betta hills near banglore

A popular landmark hill surrounded by the serene views of nature, Kunti Betta is a significant night trekking spot that also showcases the Hindu belief.

11. Hogenakkal (128 km)

Hogenakkal hills near banglore

If you are dying to watch mesmerizing waterfalls view while trekking on the high hills, then Hogenakkal is the best spot to visit.

A small settlement around the banks of the Kaveri river, this is famous as the ‘Niagara of India’.

12. Horsley Hills (157 km)

Horsley Hills near banglore

A series of hills located in the Madanapalle taluka of Chittoor district, Horsley hills is the best getaway for nature lovers.

In case you’re done with the thrilling activities there, consider visiting Whisper Wind View Point, Gali Bandalu, Horsley Hills Zoo, Kalyani, Chennakesava Temple, and Gangotri Lake.

13. Yelagiri (159 km)

A natural paradise situated in the Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadu, this hill station is indeed a must-visit spot for nature-lovers wandering to have some peace.

No matter if you’re a religious individual, adventure junkie, traveler or an enthusiast, here at this place you’ll get to explore almost everything.

14. Biligiriranga Hills (177 km)

 Biligiriranga Hills near banglore

Want to see a bit of heaven in the middle of western and eastern ghats? Biligiriranga Hills is the exact heaven that lies in the south-eastern Karnataka.

Comprises of wonderful floral diversity and home to many wildlife creatures, this spot is a must-visit to seek some peace from the busy life.

Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore within 100 kms

15. Savandurga (51 km)

Savandurga hills near banglore

A part of Deccan plateau, situated at the height of 4220 ft above the sea level, Savandurga is amongst Asia’s largest monolith hills where mainly adventure junkie and youngsters are seen.

If you are someone who likes to explore thrilling treks nearby Bengaluru, then it is definitely a must-visit trek to count on.

16. Ramanagara (56 km)

Ramanagara hills near banglore

Not everyone is a trekking fan; some just like to sit on a high hill, watch early sunrise and listen to birds chirping.

If you are someone who can resonate with the former sentence, then Ramanagara is your spot to rejuvenate. Remember the blockbuster movie Sholay? This place is where it was shot.

17. Antargange (62 km)

Antargange hills near banglore

Unable to meet the blurry dots of enjoyment and religion while planning for an instant hill station trip?

Might visiting one of the most popular pilgrim spots of Karnataka is what can make the whole scene less blurry.

Dense caves, fresh spring air, rocky boulders, and little greenery – almost everything that must be there in the “Rejuvenate yourself at a hill station” recipe.

18. Narayangiri (76 km)

21 Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore in 2020

In case you are about to explore a hill station that is not so popular but offers you a breadth of adventures as well as peace, then 3800 ft high mountain hill in the village of Jalamangala should be top on your list.

From Laxmi-Narayana temple to ruined fort, trekking to water sports – Narayangiri offers you almost everything!

19. Madhugiri (100 km)

Madhugiri hills near banglore

A single hill, usually also known as honey-hill, located on the south edge of Tumkur district, Karanataka.

This hillock is quite popular among the young ones due to the presence of fort nestled on top of the hill.

20. Rangaswamy Betta (78 km)

Rangaswamy Betta hills near banglore

In case you want to start with hiking while also take a quick drive into the hill station, then consider exploring the lushness of Rangaswamy Betta.

The best part is: here beginners can do both, night trekking as well as daylight trekking.

21. Kabbaldurga (85 km)

 Kabbaldurga hills near banglore

A small hill station that allows you to trek and sightseeing while also enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature.

Kabbaldurga is a great place to camp and enjoys some thrilling experiences of India’s wildlife.

With us, you can feel that the world is quite an interesting place and you do not even know the fraction of the awesome nature and the whole set of the historic fraternity waiting just for you to be with them.