Hostels And Homestays: The Growing Millennial Trend Of 2019


The concept of travelling in India has evolved drastically over time. The Indian traveller today wants to travel more and explore untouched off beat places rather than going to the usual tourist hotspots. To make travel easy and more budget friendly, hone stays and hostels have come up as the newest millennial trend.


The rise in demand for these home stays and hostels is riding in tourists looking for a peaceful, home like and soul soothing experience. Owing to the rapid rise in the travel movement we have hone stays in the remotest parts of the country where conventional hotels would never reach.


These budget friendly yet absolutely comfortable staying options have become increasingly popular in the backpacker community who aim at traveling extensively in minimum duration and even for people who want a relaxing weekend away from the materialistic luxuries of life.

It is not only money saving and rejuvenating but is also a very good catalyst in interaction with fellow travellers from across the globe. We can largely accredit the hostel movement to Zostel which kicked off in a massive way.


Whether it’s Manali or Kasol, Hampi or Jaipur, Jibhi or Allepy home stays and hostels have found their niche in these places and hence people can fund places to stay anywhere. This movement also owes it’s success to apps like Couch Surfing, StayZilla and Air BnB.

These hostels and hone stays also provide a boost to local economy in their respective areas and empower the locals also fostering tourist interaction with them.


We must look hoti countries like Spain and Portugal who have completely embraced the hostel culture since the creation of the first hostel in 1912 in Germany. This movement has brought about exponential growth in global travel and has brought the global traveller community together.


On one where India is facing an overall shortage in hotel rooms nationwide these alternate options seem to work wonders and grown even more in future. As Indian government has expanded it’s visa facilities to over 150 countries we need more accommodation to host the foreign tourist along with the Indians.


In a nutshell it would be safe to say that these homestays and hostels are not only a great option for the travellers but the investors too.

Hoping for this movement to grow more and more so more people cab travel and explore the world.


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