How The Summer Season Affects Your Menstrual Cycle? – Scoutripper


The menstrual cycle knocks every month at the uterine wall of women. Women hesitantly open it. 

But have you noticed that during some months of the year you get the heavy flow and some months your periods become irregular?


Even though you have a healthy lifestyle but still this fluctuation occurs. We do not know it, but the weather and the seasons, do have an influence on the menstrual cycle. This effect is increased with our actions.

The summer months affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. Let us see how:

Shorter Cycle And Regular Flow

During the summer months, a woman’s body produces heat and the ovulation takes place more actively. This causes a smooth short cycle with reular flow. Sometimes due to the body secreting the follicle stimualting hormone your periods migh come early


Change In Hormones Due To Temperature

Fluctuations in tempersature can affect the mesntrual cycle. During summers, periods arrive early with regular flow and this leads to less period cramps. However, the temperature change can also lead to lifestyle changes which affect metabolism and might create hormonal imbalance


Behaviour Changes Due To Heat

During summers, since the body is in heat, the body is constantly agitated during menstrual cycles. This causes frequent mood swings and irritability. You might eat less and feel fatigued during the summer and also try to vent out your mood swings through sports.


Yes, summer brings out the worst mood swings during periods.

Delay In Periods Due To Physical Exertion

Summer means staying active and staying outside. Women tend to be exercising more during the summers. this is healthy as it reduces cramps and ensures a healthy flow. But if you are exercising aggressively, this may delay your periods. It shows that the body needs to heal.


Exercising in moderation helps to regulate periods during the summer

Summer Body Pressure

There is pressure on women acquire that perfect bikini body for the summer. Women start eating less or do not eat all. This sudden change in dietary habits affects the menstrual cycle as your body will be missing on the needed nutrition. In addition to this, rapid weight loss also affects the hormonal balance.


This may cause irregular periods and painful bloating with cramps.


Every season changes our body to some extent, but we should be having a healthy lifestyle with it and enjoy the season and survive the change it brings to our menstrual cycle. If it causes more trouble, then straight away head to the office of the gynecologist


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