How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?


During the onset of periods, women tend to get a swelling feeling in their abdomen. Suddenly there is gas stored in your stomach. This feeling irritates the hell out of you during periods. Nobody wants that!!!  Bloating makes you feel uncomfortable than you already are during your periods. Many women complain that they are not being able to fit into the outfits during this time due to bloating. Bloating also has an effect on your daily routine.

We know that women’s periods are very painful so it is necessary to make sure that they take proper precautions to take their periods smooth without irritation. Diet plays a vital role in maintaining a smooth cycle of periods. You can check out the healthy diet for you here.


How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?


You feel sluggish and lose focus from work. The reason for bloating is the fluctuating hormone level of estrogen and progesterone. With estrogen level high and progesterone level is low, water retention increases in our body. Yes, the hormones become our worst enemies. Well, we cannot control our hormones but we can sure take some preventive steps to reduce bloating:


No Gas Inflating Food

The primary step to reduce bloating is saying no to food items that cause gas inflation.  Broccoli, cabbage, beans, and sprouts; the healthy food items in your diet chart can cause bloating. These food items contain raffinose which is not easily digested by our body. This leads to gas and indigestion. Avoid eating these veggies during the night. And, lastly, do not consume milk or dairy products.

How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?

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Protein + Potassium =  No Bloating

Always say yes to protein and potassium food items during periods.  Fill up your plates with bananas, eggs, chicken etc. Potassium based foods are filled with fluids which reduce bloating. Consume more diurectic food items which reduce water retention in the body. They make you feel lighter

How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?


Reduce Takeouts

Home cooked meals are comforting and healthy. During periods, avoid takeout. Take the extra effort to cook a healthy meal for yourself. Outside food contains salt and spices which does not help your situation at all.

How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?

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Make Exercising A Priority

Countless times it has been said it is great to exercise during periods. Exercise helps to loosen your body. After the sweat, you feel fresh and light. Exercising increases blood circulation and reduces constipation symptoms. Stop being sloth if you do not want to bloat during periods.

How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?


Break Down Your Meals

During periods, women tend to eat more. It is better that you curtail the portion of your meals. Finishing a heavy breakfast during periods will take less time to digest. Eating with intervals surely helps to reduce bloating.

How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?

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Hydrate Yourself

Drink plenty of water during periods. Water aid to flush out the toxins from your body. It reduces bloating. Drinking water during periods smoothens bowel movements so that you feel lighter.

How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?

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Good Amount Of Sleep

Get along eight hours of sleep. It helps to maintain your body balance and reduce bloating. Sleeping repairs your body and eliminates excess water from the stomach. It is crucial to get a good amount of sleep during periods to heal your body.

How To Reduce Bloating During Your Menstral Cramps?


It is always good to consult a doctor regarding bloating during periods. Maybe the cause is something else. Eat and work out well is the key to a healthy menstrual cycle.



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