How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?


Trekking for the first time is a captivating experience. Trekking is an adventure hobby that is pursued by most people who love nature. It can be considered as both a hobby and a sport. Taking up trekking as a hobby can offer both mental and health benefits to the person.

How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?

A successful trek is one that is preceded by a successful preparation. How to trek safely in the mountains is first question which arises when you think of prepare yourself well because most of the treks in Himalayas involved high altitude trekking.

Following are some essential tips that children should follow while going for a trek,

Right Rucksack

Packing is the biggest struggle that you have in your mind when you are preparing for a trek. While you need to pack accordingly, you also need to make sure that you don’t make your rucksack heavy. A 60 litter rucksack is enough to carry your load; this is followed by a rucksack cover, tent and sleeping bags if you are trekking alone.

How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?

Map Of That Area

A map is very important. While there are not many trekking maps available in India, you can certainly follow a rough map of you own. Ask locals around, you might help you with a guide to your destination. Learn terrain-to-map association so you can identify the landforms you see outdoors in order to find your position on a map. This is an even more basic skill than using a compass and one that you’ll use much more frequently.

How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?

Kind Of Shoes

Finding comfortable footwear that doesn’t cause blisters may take you a while. Focus on finding boots or shoes that work for you instead of putting up with ones that hurt or fit poorly. Be patient and keep trying ones until you dial in footwear that works.

How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?

The best shoes for any Himalayan Trek are undoubtedly Trek 100 trekking shoes. Reasons for this are:

Excellent Grip

Fully Waterproof

3 Layers of Cushioning

Cross Contact Sole



PU Mid Sole

Everyone’s feet are different. Boots, mids, or trail runners: it doesn’t matter which you choose. They are all having advantages and disadvantages.

Find A Group

The fastest way to become a good hiker is to hike with other people because it’s fun and motivating. If you live on the Atlantic seaboard there are many regional chapters of the Appalachian Mountain Club that lead frequent hikes you can join

How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?

Hydrate Properly

When you are high in the Himalayas the weather is cold and dry so you lose moisture with every breath you take in addition to sweating because of the trek. Learning how much water you need in these conditions is an important skill, so pay attention to what your body needs. So develop a habit of drinking lot of water.

How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?

Plan The Duration

Planning of duration is must which shows you a right path in deciding the destination ranging from the initial point until the final returning of the time. Strive to get at least eight hours of sleep a night during your training. People often have trouble sleeping at higher altitudes, and diminished sleep will make your expedition much more challenging.

How To Trek Safely In The Mountains?


  1. Physical fitness
  2. Mental integrity
  3. Backpacking and trekking gears
  4. Expenditure
  5. Grade of trekking
  6. Managing holidays
  7. Your buddies



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