Is Letting Go Truly Possible?


I have always wondered, is it truly possible to get over someone?

I’ve had people tell me don’t worry, time will heal everything or you’ll soon get over it and eventually, nothing will matter. But how?

How is it possible to ever “get over” a person?

How will time help you forget everything?


Does time know that you are aching so badly and does time conspire with the universe to bring you new happiness in your life? How is it possible to forget those genuine, unfiltered, raw moments you shared together? Is it like you turn a switch off? Is it that simple? If it were truly possible to get over someone, what is the point of friendships and relationships then?

Is Letting Go Truly Possible?

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If we’re able to get over people so quickly; so effortlessly, why do we invest so much of our energy in fostering them in the first place?

The Irony

This is something I’ve pondered upon for years; after every heartbreak, after the death of so many friendships and the passing of several friends. It sucks to be 29 and still not have it figured out! I’ll tell you one thing that I’ve learn’t from my experience, the more you tell yourself, “I need to move on,” “I need to forget it all like a bad dream,” is the harder you will find yourself trying to walk away from the past.

Is Letting Go Truly Possible?

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Just think about it for a second, you fight so hard to get who you wanted into your life, you fight even more to keep them in your life and then, after all that fighting, you have to fight with yourself to let go. Ironic isn’t it!


A Silver Lining After All

But here’s the good news, despite all the pain and desperate attempts of moving along with your life, you will learn that with time, your thoughts start to ease out and slowly (very slowly) you find yourself thinking of that one person less and less.

You’ll get so involved with work, with making new friends, that you will find your thoughts being buried somewhere deeper and deeper. You’ll make peace with the fact that you probably will never get over someone and you’ll reach a stage where you’re fine with it.

Is Letting Go Truly Possible?

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You’ll learn to understand the role that person played in your life, what it meant and why it’s okay to carry that with you for a longer time than anyone else would expect you too. Above all, you will start to realize that this is the only way by which you can make meaningful friendships and relationships.

Because without the effort, without showing your genuine nature and without holding yourself back you cannot build strong connections.

Is Letting Go Truly Possible?

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So, whatever you are feeling right now, whether or not you think you will be capable of letting go and no matter how much it hurts right now, know that it will pass. You just need to learn to be patient.


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