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Each one of us loves a surprising and interesting fact that causes us to question the world around us. There’s never a time in our life when we stop learning.

So, enjoy our collection of some interesting “facts about practical life” which will blow your mind and increase your knowledge about the world.

World’s Oldest Toy Is A Stick

Think about the versatility of a stick. You can use it to play fetch with your dog, swing it like a bat, and much more. Its adaptability is one of the reasons why the National Toy Hall of Fame has introduced the stick as perhaps the oldest ever toy in its collection.

Albert Einstein’s Eyeballs Are In The New York City

Einstein’s eyeballs were given to Henry Abram and preserved in a safety deposit box. Abram was Einstein’s eye doctor.

Adult Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

Like some humans, adult cats don’t have enough of the lactase enzyme to digest lactose from milk, causing them to vomit, have diarrhoea, or get gassy. They only have enough of that enzyme when they are born and at the early years of their lives.

Neil Armstrong’s Hair Was Sold In 2004 For $3000.

The lucky buyer holds a Guinness world record for the largest collection of hair from historical celebrities.

May 20, 1873, Is The Birthday Of Blue Jeans

According to the Levis Strauss website, 20th May, 1873 was the day that Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis, the innovators behind the blue jeans we all love, got a patent for the first time in the history.

The British Empire Was The Largest Empire In World History

The British Empire was most powerful in the 1920s when it ruled over 23 percent of the world’s population. That equates to about 13 million square miles. And this is the reason it was the largest empire in world history.

A Woman Has Called The Police When Her Ice-Cream Didn’t have Enough Sprinkles

The woman said ‘there’re bits on one side and none on another side’. She was even more upset when the ice-cream truck man didn’t give her money back. So she called the police to have her things back.

Your Brain Synapses Shrink While Sleeping

Dr. Chiara Cirelli and Dr. Giulio Tononi found an 18 percent decrease in the size of synapses after few hours of sleep. But there’s nothing to worry about.

An Espresso Maker Was Sent Into Space In 2015

Samantha Cristoforetti is the first female Italian astronaut to get a warm and cozy piece of home sent to her while in orbit.

Abraham Lincoln Was A Bartender

The 16th president of the United States was a licensed bartender. His liquor license was discovered in 1930 and displayed in a Springfield liquor store.