Macau – The South Coast Of China


The Las Vegas Of Asia

Macau known as Special administrative region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China is located on the south coast of China. It is famous for its casinos, elegant nightlife and entertainment. Macau is a place where you can experience the hybrid of Chinese and Portuguese heritage.

Macau - The South Coast Of China

Perfect Destination For Your Trip

The trip to Macau can be of 2-3 days if you are travelling to Eastern Asia. Generally, it is a perfect stopover for your trip to Hong Kong. The transport from Hong Kong to Macau’s international airport is quite easy. You can take one-hour flight or ferry from the airport or downtown.

Macau - The South Coast Of China


Even though being a part of China, you can still observe the Portuguese experience in Macau in everything from the stunning architecture to the legendary food. A variety of travelling experience from the heritage sites, museums, temples to beaches can be imbibed here. It is the place where the nature and architecture of man can be combined enjoyed.

Macau - The South Coast Of China

The Historic Centre Of Macao

Among its greatest treasures, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, “The Historic Centre of Macau” is made up of 30 buildings and monuments of both Portuguese and Chinese origin. It shows the impressive architecture and temples and beautiful mansions.

Macau - The South Coast Of China

Senado Square

Macau’s urban centre surrounded by traditional Portuguese cobblestones and pastel-colored neo-classical buildings. It is located in the central area of the Macau Peninsula. This is one of the four largest squares in Macau; the others being Praça do Centro Cultural, Praça do Lago Sai Van and Praça do Tap Seac.

Macau - The South Coast Of China

Macau Tower

Approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Senado Square rests the 338-metre Macau Tower, where visitors can not only enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of Macau from the Observation Lounge or revolving restaurant, but also those with an adventurous side can bungee jump or test their mettle and ‘walk in the sky’ instead, on the outer perimeter that encircles the tower.

Macau - The South Coast Of China

Macau Peninsula

It is the most populous and historic part of Macau. The peninsula has many top attractions from lighthouse, casinos to historic sites. The ruins if the church of St Paul, church of St Joseph, Macau museum of art, A-Ma temple are few of the top attractions of Macau Peninsula.

Macau - The South Coast Of China

Tapai Village

Taipa Island, joined to downtown Macau by three bridges and discover a village with an exotic fusion of East and West. Walking around the place with classic villas and old-style Chinese shops and enjoying delicious food is the speciality of the place. While modern Macau dazzles with impressive architecture and luxury resorts, Taipa Village offers a more traditional experience.

Macau - The South Coast Of China

Other Things To Do In Macau

There are a number of other things that you can do while in Macau. You can munch on Portuguese egg tart, visit the ruins of St. Paul at night, view senado square from Leal Senado building, take advantage of the casinos’ free shuttles, go back in time in the Fisherman’s Wharp, appreciate architecture by church hopping.

Macau - The South Coast Of China


Generally, the Macau trip is planned along with Hong Kong and the combined charges can be around 40-60 thousand rupees. The expense of hotel can be higher in Macau but excluding it, the trip is quite manageable.

Macau - The South Coast Of China


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