Nothing to Stop An Adventurous Mind

Adventure Mission

Time and Money cannot be constraints when you have the idea.

Adventures are adventures – it can be around the world or can be around your own state. It can be for few months, for few days and even for few hours. Time or money cannot be constraint, if you are having an adventure in your mind – Alistair Humphreys, the famous adventurer claims the same. There are many who started dreaming about long adventurous projects, but considering the constraints, they finally shortened the adventure timing and went through regular adventures.

#1 Break down the long adventure in short parts
Cycling around the world is really adventurous. However, it takes a long time to complete the adventure. For such adventurous tours, you need to arrange separate funds and make necessary arrangements too. However, you can easily break down the same trips in your own nation and territory. In the second case, you will not even need the money or extra bit of time. Alistair Humphreys states a simple way – Getting out from your office at 5 and roaming about in the city or outskirt areas can be fun making. The money will not even be a constraint at that point since you are already engaged in your job. So, chances can be created and anticipated well, while engaged in a job too.


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#2 Search places using your instincts
Searching for an adventure is really a mysterious thing, where the dilemma is very much common for all. Start dreaming about your sleep – states Alistair Humphreys, while sharing his own adventures. You can search for a place to sleep outside under the stars. This ideal and changing place can be a great experience to find out and can be really fun making for you. If you can find some of your friends for the same purpose, fun will be much more than usual.



#3 Selecting the places
Think about the different places, where you can experience sleeping – in the meadows, over the hilltop and many other places that you cannot even dream off. In each of the cases, there s a separate fun and merry that was not there in any of the earlier cases. Just fasten to the case and see that you are at the top of everything. A few things are necessary for activities. Just collect those and make the list simple to carry. If you can manage that, get back to your home after getting leave from office at 5, pack your bag, take your cycle and get out searching for the places – simple style followed by Alistair Humphreys.



#4 Weekend adventures
Weekend adventures are also great for yours. However, you will not be scheduling those from the beginning days of your adventure. Decide with your friend for such a place and meet with them at that open air adventurous place. Keep in mind to keep the trip night long. Reach there at the time of sunset with your friends – have foods and drinks, make merry sleep under the sky and come back to the job next morning. It will not ask for some extra time from you, but at the same time will be perfectly entertaining for you. Those, who love to make adventures, mini-adventure every day is more interesting than one adventure year long. To them, adventure gives the necessary oxygen of life. It is not something other than that.




#5 Things to carry
Now, you have planned your mini-adventures. So it is time to think about the things to be carried with you for the trips. Keep things simple and easy to carry – this is the secret of the regular adventurers. Keep the necessary ingredients like a sleeping bag, foods, drinks, and rain protection clothes and wears and finally a bivvy bag. Keep with you a camp mat and torch. Camp mat will protect you from the swamps, where you will be sleeping and torch to track yourself at night.
Thus, things are simple and straightforward. Fun is with you all the time. Manage your time and go for the adventure. If you are not having monetary support or time support, they cannot be any sort of constraint for you and for your adventure.




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