Perfect Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel! – Scoutripper


Have you ever heard of ‘Green Travel’ or Eco-Friendly Travel?

What does it mean?

How do you do it?

Does it mean you have to sleep in a tent and cook on the solar-powered camp stove to be considered eco-friendly travel?

Well, the answer is that ecotourism is all about making simple choices so that there will be a less negative impact on a given destination. No matter what decision you make, as long as you’re trying your best to be more environmentally conscious, you are doing your part. The best and easiest rule to remember while traveling is to leave no trace. This rule states, leave nothing behind but footprints, no matter wherever you go.

If you care about the environment and love to travel, there are some easy ways that you can be greener while doing it.

Pack Light

This might be a difficult task but your luggage can make a huge difference. Packing light can save you a lot of efforts carrying that entire luggage around. Moreover, it makes a huge difference in CO2 emissions of the plane or train. The lighter the vehicle, the less fuel they have to use, reducing the effect it has on the environment.


Take Public Transportation Whenever Possible

Ridesharing is always better than you thought. You get to meet new people and learn something new. However, when it comes to the environment, traveling by public bus, subway, tram or trolley is more nature-friendly than taking a short-haul flight. This will save you money as well.


Make Less Use Of Plastic

You want your memories to last for years, but it’s far too long for 500 years. A Plastic bag can take up to 500 years to biodegrade, so when you go to travel, keep a reusable shopping bag with you. One of the best things to do for eco-friendly travel.

Pick Up Trash When You See It

You can always contribute to make a clean environment by picking up any waste you find on beaches, in parks or local streets and toss it in a trash can. You can also do volunteering with beach clean-up group.


Look For Environmental Friendly Hotels

Before booking your stay in any hotel, check whether they use any eco-friendly energy resources, whether they are getting rid of their waste in a sustainable manner. You’d be surprised to know that as green tourism options are there in many countries, hotels are also making an effort to be sustainable.

Small eco-friendly travel decisions can make a huge difference to our planet.

So add your contribution in making our planet a sustainable one and share your views in the comments section below.