6 Best Period Hacks While Travelling

Travelling is no doubt, one of the most liberating experiences of the world. Hence, it’s important, you don’t allow diurnal limitations to cut off your wings and these period hacks while traveling is necessary.

Let’s face it, the menstrual cycle is one of the most troublesome things to manage while traveling and backpacking. Menstrual hygiene is one of the fundamental processes of a woman’s body.

It’s no doubt, of essential concern, especially when we are out on an adventurous plight. But, since when has petty things and ‘inconvenience’ stopped us, ladies?

Period Hacks While Traveling

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As per my experience, if your periods overlap the days of your trip, there are certain extra things you must carry while backpacking.

Hence, I have prepared a set of period tips and hacks. I’ve learned them over time while my solo trips and backpacking which are worth sharing.

Best Period Hacks While Travelling 

1. Flying While On Your Periods

Period Hacks while on plane

If you are flying during your periods, it’s a great idea to book the aisle seat beforehand to avoid an uncomfortable journey.

Not only that, it gets easier for you to rush to the washroom anytime without troubling your co-passengers. For the flight, I like to use my menstrual cups or reusable menstrual pads to keep track of my flow.

To manage your heavy flow when you land, it’s a great idea to wear some period panties as they totally get you covered.

2. Camping While On Periods

Period Hacks While camping

This can be a real nightmare to any woman but like it’s said, if we can bleed for 7 days straight and not die, then there’s nothing in this world we can’t do.

While camping, you may not have immediate access to waste disposal. Hence, avoid sanitary napkins. Use menstrual cups or tampons and bury the contents of your cups into the mud by digging a hole of 6-8 inches deep, away from the water source.

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    You can also use reusable pads, in that case, carry 2 biodegrade bags with you – one for the new products and the other for used ones.

    3. Forest Trips While On Periods

    Period Hacks While forest trip

    Forest trips can sound a bit more simple while on periods but there are certain things you must keep in mind.

    If you are using reusable pads, you have to make proper arrangements to keep flies and bugs at bay.

    It’s a no brainer that you don’t want insects hovering around your belongings. So, use tea bags inside your products to keep nasties away.

    4. Enjoying Beach While On Periods

    periods hacks while enjoying on beach

    Are you scared of going into the water while on periods? Well, there is a perfect hack for every issue.

    You can now avail period swimwear easily available online. They come with 100% leak-proof quality and have a sleek texture which looks great when worn.

    So, be it tampons, a menstrual cup or a pad that you are wearing, nothing is getting in your way.

    5. Sleeping While On Periods

    periods hacks while sleeping

    Long walks and vigorous adventures can totally add up to your period cramps all the more. And as usual, they hit you right when you are going off to sleep at night.

    As per my experience, I’ve deciphered that the fetal position is the best way to sleep during periods.

    It not only prevents leaks but also alleviates your cramps immensely. Don’t forget to use period panties whilst sleeping.

    6. Carrying Pain Killers

    Period pills

    Pain killers are like life-savers during painful and heavy periods. And while traveling, they act as a sheer elixir.

    Hence, during packing, you just can’t miss out on this pack of high-priority tablets. Keep them handy throughout your trip to avoid unwanted cramps during long journeys.

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      Don’t forget to take medicines with you like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve).

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