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Exploring places are kind of experiences that live with us for a lifetime. It allows us to discover our own self through challenges and thrill. So, if you are an avid traveller or planning a trip all by yourself for the first time, then this post is for you.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper

As a fervent traveler, I believe India has diverse sightseeing options for its tourists like no other place. Hence, here is a list of all the Places to Visit In India 21,000 INR wholly.


Well, Goa had to top the list of best to places of India for its unbeatable spirit. It is not only famous for amazing nightlife but has lots of side-scenes too. The Calangute Beach is the largest beach in North Goa which is the ultimate hub of youngsters. Baga Beach is also equally amazing. There is one more interesting thing about these pearl-like beaches. Well, it’s the Anjuna Beach which is called the hippie’s delight and famous across Goa. Now, let’s shift your attention from the beaches.


Goa has numerous symbols of architecture as well other than the exotic places. Its Churches are breathtaking to look at and present a Gothic art which is soothing to mind and soul. Therefore, Goa is one of the best places to visit in India if you are a fan of adventures and parties.


Kerala is called God’s Own Country for a reason. Nestled at the southern tip of India, it is a place of serene nature and greeneries. It’s beautiful lakes and lushful flora are the major attractions for the tourists of the rest of India. The luxurious houseboats are quintessential in nature. So, if you visit Kerala, its exquisite green trees, backwaters, and wildlife will totally surprise you.

Kerala India


Kanatal is a perfect place for weekend getaways. Its thrilling activities and camping and trekking opportunities lure away tourists from everywhere. The New Tehri Dam is located here. Hence, Kanatal is considered one of the best tourist spots located amidst the Himalayas. This heavenly hideout is undoubtedly, worth exploring if you love adventures.



The Home of One-Horned Rhinos, Assam is one of the Seven Sisters of North-East India. In spite of being less explored by people, this place has tons of sight scenes that deserve attention. The Flora and Fauna of the Dibri Saikhowa National Park are one of the most breathtaking places here. You will be overwhelmed by its wildlife expedition and lushful forests.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper

The river Brahmaputra is a major attraction. So, cruise along the swift currents of this Himalayan River to witness the animals in their natural surroundings.


Shimla is a perfect place to relish your childhood once again in the Toy Trains. The exceptional view of the pine trees and the magnificent valleys around Kalka to Shimla route is sheer Paradise. Mall Road is one of the major tourist attractions of the city where thousands of people flock every year. Hence, the essence of Shimla is magnetic in nature and worth visiting.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper


The famous forests of Seoni has lots of stories to tell. Located in Madhya Madhya Pradesh, it is the ‘Mowgli’s House’. The Pench National Park of Seoni is one of the largest Tiger Reserves of India which inspired Rudyard Kipling greatly. Hence, the story of Jungle Book is mainly based on this jungle. So, rejuvenate your memories of childhood by visiting here.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper


Manali is an affluent gem of Himachal Pradesh. Nestled amidst Himalayas, this populated hill-station is one of the top places to visit in India. It is a complete combination of colossal nature, peace and adventures for the mountain lovers.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper


Udaipur is rightly called the ‘Venice of the East’ in Rajasthan for its cosmopolitan style. The this City of Lakes is a magical place, indeed. With rich luxury and heritage hotels, it is a perfect place for city-lovers. Udaipur is a mesmerizing combination of heritage, royalty and luxury. The best part is you can easily opt for a budget stay here even after choosing the best of places to visit.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper


Whenever we hear about Mysore, the first thought that strikes our mind is of myriad architecture and sandalwood. The Mysore Palace is one of the major attractions here that showcases vegetable color art. Its gorgeous silk sarees and a vast range of mouth-watering sweets are worth exploring. It is a sheer combination of IT urbanization and royalty.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper

Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is undoubtedly like a Paradise on Earth. It has over 300 species of flowers which is a sight to behold. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an altitude of 3,858 meters above the sea level. This place is undoubtedly one of the major aspects of every travelers’ bucket list.

Places To Visit In India 21,000 INR Wholly - Scoutripper


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