Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind


Traveling is effortless for those who simply pack their bags, book those tickets and land up. But for some of us, taking a trip means that we need to plan things out to the T. Right from how we are going to go, where we are going to stay and eat, what we are going to do and how do we get around; we need to have it all planned out. While planning out our holiday does take a lot of stress off our shoulders when we reach our destination, there is always something that can go wrong.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind

Planning your travel means that you spend a lot of time and effort researching things about your destination. While some people might think this is of no use, researching for your trip can actually save you a lot of money and also optimise your time abroad.

Here are some essential things that one needs to plan out. We hope that our guide helps your research and plan better.


This is perhaps the first thing we check. And what better way to get your spirits high than clicking the confirm ticket button! While traveling abroad, check out Momondo and Skyscanner. Both are amazing sites to find cheap flights. If you are traveling to India, you can have a look at Makemytrip or Goibibo.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind



Hotels are generally the first thing that conventional travellers look at. We scour through endless sites like TripAdvisor to find the perfect hotel that matches our needs. is one such search engine that you can use to know more about where to stay.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind


Airbnb is a favourite amongst those who wish to stay in more homely places and have the liberty to do things (cook food) on their one. Airbnb is also a great option for those looking for long term stay. What’s amazing about the site is that it offers a home to those away from home.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind

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Hostels are more for the travellers who don’t mind staying in low budget accommodations minus the luxury of hotels. Hostels are great because you get to meet a whole bunch of new people and make new friends, which is not something one can do while staying elsewhere. For solo travellers, hostels are a great place to socialise and shake off the feeling of traveling alone.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind

Couch surfing

Couch surfing is popular amongst those travellers who want to get a thorough feel of the local country life. It is for those who go to the extent of staying with the locals to learn more about their lives.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind

House Sitting

House sitting is quite uncommon in a number of countries. It is especially great for those who have pets at home and can not travel with them. This is a good option for those travelling for long term and love animals too, because you get an entire house to yourself as well as pets! 

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind

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Travel Insurance

For all those days you have skipped hitting the button for travel insurance while booking flights, we must tell you it is absolutely, absolutely important. Sure, it will cost you extra but in the case of an emergency, you will spend a lot less because of the insurance.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind


For those of you who go by what your friends told you about how they came back without contracting malaria or without having a bout of looseys, please stop. All of our immune systems work differently and we are each susceptible to different illness at different degrees. This does not mean that you should skip on anti-malarials or vaccines. Visit your doctor and learn about all the precautions you need to take before you leave.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind


If you have read our previous post, then you will know how big a problem ATM withdrawal fees are! But if you actually look at it, ATMs have made it a lot more convenient for us today from the past where we used to have to carry money around in hidden places.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind


A smartphone or a tablet is an essential for those travelling. This is because a number of things are dependent on apps. For instance, staying in touch with friends and family requires you to use an app, ordering food does too and even to simply navigate your way through a new country requires and app! Make sure you are carrying essential apps like XE currency converter, Google Translate, Google Maps and pocket.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind

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Travel Guides

Although there is so much information out there in the internet about traveling, there is always something about those Lonely Planet books that keeps drawing you back to them! Travel guidebooks provide a safety net filled with practical details of cities and countries. But you know what is the biggest benefit of a guide book? It doesn’t run out of battery!

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind


Every country will have its own tour operators. These maybe run by the local government or privately-owned tours. While some may be really great, there may be some who only give you a bare minimum glimpse of the city. Before you go on any such tours, make sure you read online as to which operator to choose.

Planning Your Next Holiday? Keep this in mind

Opt for a tour operator that others have also opted for and have verified. Just ensure though that you aren’t selecting tours which take you to places where animals are used and misused or for that matter of fact humans too.


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