Simple Changes Will Make You Fit And Healthier


I am seldom asked for the suggestion on my best sitting posture. Problem is there is not just one position that is comfortable for everybody over the prolonged time of sitting. However, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to avoid any pain and strain on your back.

Simple Changes Will Make You Fit And Healthier

Prolonged sitting on the computer is problematic. No matter how much of efforts we put, many people start to slouch and push their head within the short time frame. It creates many problems, like:

  • A strain on muscles that hold your head up
  • Compression of joints on the base of your neck
  • Difficulty in breathing freely
  • Sitting up erect
  • Difficulties in returning to the standing position
  • The sensation of the heavy arms
  • The strain on discs of your lower back

What Is Slouching?

Sitting straight also comes with many challenges. Do you know why? Try to sit up tall. Do you begin by tightening your back and pulling up your head? Can you stay in that position for long? Just, appreciate how much difficult it will be to look over the shoulder or on the ceiling. The muscles performing all these movements are quite busy in holding you straight, they are highly strained to add any another action.

Simple Changes Will Make You Fit And Healthier


Try To Sit Straight And Erect

One better way of sitting straight is rolling in your lower body below your head rather than pulling out the upper body over the pelvis. With this action, your spine will be supported upright as it is well connected to the pelvis to tip forward.

Simple Changes Will Make You Fit And Healthier

Source: Shifaaz Shamoon


How Pelvis Can Tip Forward?

One alternative position is sitting with the knees wide, on an edge of your sitting chair, and rolls on your pelvis backward and forward like you’re riding a gentle and slow horse. In this way, you will see that you’re sitting upright with very less effort. When it is done rightly, you can see it is simple to breathe and there’s not much strain in your lower back, shoulders and neck. You also can move freely.

Simple Changes Will Make You Fit And Healthier

Another Solution is Don’t Sit For Longer

Its one good idea of decreasing your time period you spend being inactive. There are many studies that say that more hours that you spend sedentary; higher will be your risk for any major diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, or early death.


There’re some side effects of the prolonged sitting that movement can only fix. Say for example, while you are sitting, your fascia around the muscles is a bit forced in the shortened position, and when you stand after one or two hours, you are stretching out your contracted fibers. Also, your body cannot circulate blood when you are sitting, thus fluid accumulates in muscles under your waist. For this reason, you feel very stiff the moment you stand up after sitting through the long meeting or movie.

Simple Changes Will Make You Fit And Healthier


Make Your Body To Function More

Going for the short walks in a day or moving your body in the gym will not restore any actual functionality. But, your body is quite capable of adapting whatever it gets time doing, thus once the body adapts being functionless—like slouching in the chair or couch, totally inactive—you cannot address these problems without fixing the functionality.

Simple Changes Will Make You Fit And Healthier



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