Solo Travel is one of the most liberating experiences in the world.

You get to learn a lot and eventually have an eventful joyride thoroughly. Whether you are a man or a woman, you may come across certain difficulties, but it’s your outright wit and confidence in yourself that takes you a long way.

I’ve been solo traveling for years in India now and there are certain things I have learnt during my experience. The most important thing is that not everything you see around is repellent and there is always a better side of the coin right in front of you.Get yourself a trustworthy travel Planner.

If you are ever in a trouble, make a scene and cry for help saying “Chor! Chor” meaning thief. This is one of the best hacks I’ve learnt to safeguard myself in India.

Women have to do LOTS of things differently than men, and it says more about gender stereotypes and inequality than anything else. So long as you’re not doing anything while traveling that you wouldn’t do at home (i.e. not wandering off with strangers or walking around unfamiliar neighbourhoods alone after dark), chances are you’ll be fine. Just keep your eyes open and be cautious of any upcoming trouble, do not befriend strangers and you will be good to go.

When you travel alone, you’re more or less your own body guard and police force. It’s up to YOU to carry all of your possessions into the bathroom with you, keep an eye on your phone and camera, hide your cash, and overall make sure your valuables are safe. Many people will suggest you use a money belt, and this might be a good idea on travel days so you can hide your credit cards and passport. But for just walking around, I think money belts are silly – as soon as you reach in to get some money out, everyone will know exactly what you’re trying to hide.

There are a lot of tour companies and hostels (and even some hotels) that will charge you more if you’re traveling alone – basically since you want a 2-person room to yourself. Sometimes, there’s no way around this. That’s just how it is. But there ARE plenty of tour companies and hotels that DON’T charge extra if you’re traveling solo. Some hotels/hostels will offer single rooms for solo travelers. Companies like Intrepid Travel and G Adventures will just pair you up with another solo traveler on the trip instead of making you pay more money (though they DO also offer a single supplement if you really want your own room).