Sometimes It’s The Baby Steps That We Take Towards Happiness


Happiness is something everyone wants in their life. For those in a bad marriage, happiness is finding a way out of it; for those unhappy with their occupations, a change in a job can bring about happiness and for those simply unhappy with life, a spontaneous trip to the mountains can bring about immense joy.

Sometimes It’s The Baby Steps That We Take Towards Happiness


No Matter How Small The Change, Happiness Can Always Be Sought.

I’m sure we all have had our days and felt like there are more bad days than good. I’ve had plenty of such days when I thought that everything seemed to be going downhill and there seemed to be no silver lining. It was during those days that I sought out happiness the most.


Sometimes It’s The Baby Steps That We Take Towards Happiness


On some days I would try big, grand plans like a road trip with friends to soothe my sadness and on other, I would try something smaller like a trip to their favorite coffee shop or the library. Either way, I ensured I was doing something to keep yourself happy!


So how and where can we find happiness? While some people find their contentment from within themselves, others find it among family, friends and even materialistic goods. Here are some things that I practice to keep myself happy and content in life. I hope these simple reminders will help you too.


Simplify Your Life

In my opinion, this is one of the simplest and easiest ways in which one can find pleasure and meaning in their lives. Initially tried to do this with a bullet journal. Eventually, I ended up having about 10 different things on my to-do list every single day, and because there was so much to do, I would either not finish most of them or leave many incomplete.


Sometimes It’s The Baby Steps That We Take Towards Happiness


This would really make me feel bad. But I soon learned that I needed to break my day down and maintain a more realistic to-do list. I made sure that I didn’t clutter it with 100 things to do in a day, and kept it to about 5 major things I wanted to get done on that day. Remember, the Great Wall of China was not built in one day!


Most of us spend so much of our time focussing on what or how many tasks are left to complete for a given day, that we end up not giving our best to the tasks at hand. As a result, we don’t submit the best of our work which can often result in criticism from others at university or work. Hence, limit your work and ensure you give it your full attention. This will leave you very satisfied at the end of the day.


Keep Tabs On How Much Time You Spend On Social Media

According to me, this is one of the most important ways to keep yourself delighted. I personally believe social media does a lot more harm to people than good. I mean just think about the number of bullying cases and trolls there are today. None of this brings any happiness to people and even if it does, it is temporary.


Sometimes It’s The Baby Steps That We Take Towards Happiness

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I remember when Facebook first came out, I would spend hours on it. Years later, I found that it was making me a lot sadder and unhappy with my life. I thus, cut off from social media and spent more of my time meeting friends and taking long walks and I found that this brought me far more joy and goodwill.

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Take Care Of  Yourself

Tattoo this on your arm if you must, but remember this golden rule and practice it every day of your life. Ensure you are drinking lots of water, are exercising, eating the right kind of food and keep a tab on your temperaments. Improper diet, lack of sleep and less water intake can all cause shifts in moods and overall health.


Sometimes It’s The Baby Steps That We Take Towards Happiness


So always remember that wellness and happiness begin with you being happy both inside and out, so make sure you are well fed and rested.


Learn To Accept Things And Move On

We all feel very low when things don’t work out the way they are supposed to. I remember feeling extremely upset when I worked so hard to study for my exam to get an A+ but ended up with a B. That time when I worked so hard for that promotion but it was passed onto a colleague.


Sometimes It’s The Baby Steps That We Take Towards Happiness

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There are many things like these that make us feel upset and unwilling to put in an effort the next time we apply for something. But here’s the thing, this is all a part of life and the sooner we accept that the sooner we will be able to forget it and give in our 100% towards the next task.



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