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Street photography is candid photography of life and human nature. It is a way for us to show our surroundings and how we as photographers relate to them. We are filtering what we see and set those filtered moments that intrigue us and ultimately to share them with others. We can also define street photography a piece of art and it’s like daydreaming with the camera.


The phrase “Street Photography” seems to be a misnomer as it does not relate to the “street situation” only. The photograph does not need to be taken in a city or in a thick busy market. Photography can be done in any place and can portray and convey anything, the only condition is that the photograph should not be posted or manipulated.


The street photography is the most accessible form of photography. No technicalities needed for it. Anyone can do it. No big cameras are needed. It depends upon one is the ability to capture the moments and bring it back to your place.

However, street photography is not so simple. This art process is of ‘great challenge’.

You, as a photographer of this field, should have the quality of diplomacy and tactfulness. After all, you are to meet the strangers in certain locations and to capture they’re fine moments in your camera.


Street photography indirectly is the intrusions in public life. Street photographers do not take permission from the people and play a game of hiding and seek. To say it in other words, photographing people candidly means you do not have their permission beforehand, for the act you are doing upon them.

How we can do street photography upon people without noting:

Equipment- Camera lenses:

Street Photography can be done with any type of camera. However, for the best results, wide angle and long zoom lenses camera is the most appropriate one. However prime lens which restricts you to images at a specific distance from the camera and lighter than the zoom lenses and fun to use.


Camera Setting:

Every photographer shoots in his own way. No way is correct or perfect. It is important to pay strict attention to your shutter speed, much more for genres of photography where the subject is not moving. Hence, select high ISO for desirable results.


Best Shooting Idea:

You are to shoot strangers without any permission from them. They may object to it but don’t be nervous. The best idea is to do your activity behind and for it, ‘shooting from the hip’ is the best technique to capture the fine moments.


Apart from it, another point which is of great value is that while doing photography, make your best effects to come closer to the subject as it would provide you best moments and iconic scenes. For a perfect picture, it is the must.

Zone Choice:

Whether you want to shoot for a short zone or long zone, set your camera accordingly. For this, handle the situation, ass the occasion demands.


No Fear Of Image Quality:

Street photography also depends upon your confidant. Whatever, as a photographer you have done, is alright? Whether the quality of images you have captured are of good quality or not, diminished or bold, does not matter, enjoy them.


Have great fun, share it with others, and cherish the moments.

Go ahead with street photography with an eye focusing on best locations coupled with public details. They are the best golden moments.


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