Swaragrohini Peak : Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand – Stairway To Heaven


Are you one of those people, like me who not only loves to visit places but equally loves to know about its history? If so then you may just find this post interesting! I’m the kind of person who loves to read about a place before and during when I visit. I love learning about its significance and I particularly look forward to learning about the myths and legends associated with it.


There’s So Much Magic, So Much Mystery Behind Every Place That We Visit In India.

Swaragrohini Peak : Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand - Stairway To Heaven


Here’s one legend you have got to hear about. If you have ever traveled to the Himalayas, you will be familiar with Swargarohini. This is the tale behind it, the tale about the stairway to heaven.

Swargarohini is a mountain massif and it lies in Uttarakhand. It is a group of four peaks, of which one gets the most attention. The legend is written in the Mahabharata and is recalled by many.


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The Legend

Post the battle of Kurukshetra, the Pandava brothers and their wife Draupadi left for Sanyas or sainthood. They left their kingdom after performing all the necessary rituals and embraced Sanyas.  Their journey was one amongst the toughest as it took them to the lap of the mighty Himalayas. Little did they know, this would be their last trip.


Swaragrohini Peak : Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand - Stairway To Heaven


One after another, the group of seven became lesser and lesser. All but Dharmaraj fell to their deaths for the many sins they committed in their life. Draupadi fell first for her affection for Arjuna. Next Sehdeva fell to his death for his pride. Nakul passed away for his vanity, Arjuna for his pride and Bheema for his gluttony. Thus, one by one they all perished on earth.


Last but not the least was Dharmaraj, the lone survivor. As he walked ahead along with a dog, he met Lord Indra at a juncture. The chariot she rode was filled with diamonds and she was waiting to take him to heaven. But Dharmaraj refused. How could he, after all his entire family would not be there with him in heaven.


Swaragrohini Peak : Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand - Stairway To Heaven


Lord Indra assured him that his family had safely reached heaven, but they had to leave their bodies back on earth. He was the only one among everyone else who could continue his journey to heaven with his earthly body. After much deliberation, Dharmaraj accepted and went to heaven with his human body.


The Pilgrimage

The Swargarohini is believed to be the only way one can reach heaven with their human body. Sadhus or priests embark on this journey year after year after an elaborate prayer service at Badrinath Temple. They walk across some of the most amazing views and make several stops along the way.

Swaragrohini Peak : Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand - Stairway To Heaven


They stop at many places where each family member lost their lives, they stop at meadows such as Anandvan and Vasundhara falls where the water doesn’t fall on sinners. They also stop at Lakshmi van which is an area where birch trees grow and were used to write on in the past.

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Swaragrohini Peak : Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand - Stairway To Heaven


The sadhus have a long road ahead of them passing through a number of scenic views. They also have to pass the Shastra Dhara where multiple waterfalls are present. They pass through Chakrateerth cave and then Satopanth lake after which they finally proceed towards Swargarohini. Legend states that in total there are seven steps to heaven. But because of the snow cover, it is possible only to see about three of them.

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So, here’s the story of the Swargarohini. Remember it the next time you visit the Himalaya and be sure to look out for the stairway to heaven!


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